hi everyone!

when i finished my latest workshop five weeks ago. the very first thing i wanted to get across to everyone there was how important it is to discover your own personal muse. in greek mythology the muses are the goddesses who inspire the creation of literature and the arts. my aim in bringing up this topic was to say to everyone "go and find your muse!!!".

sometimes you meet your muse in person. if that happens you may even marry them. that is what happened to me when luba came into my life. it was fate and it was meant to happen.

at rare times during a career you come across these radiant elves that fuel the artist in you. valerie from mauritius ( has the special look and the special character that really turn on the image maker in me. she simply dropped me an email one day and i could hardly believe my eyes. i had been searching intensively for such a model since i discovered naomi ( in a strip bar in cape town, south africa back in 2005. the similarity in body type and skin tone was striking. just see the illustration.

i get a lot of weird emails and enquiries. but this proved to be the real thing. she was just about to get married. it was difficult to set a date for our first production that did not interfere with her wedding plans. but after some negotiations she came to barcelona. i could immediately sense the muse in her. fragile and innocent she was posing nude professionally for the first time but still willing and curious to explore this gaze from my camera.

i am recently back from mauritius where valerie introduced us to her homeland. ( it was our 3rd production together in 3 months and it will not be the last. during some intense days we produced material enough to fill a library. that is what happens when "the force is with you".

1 + 1 = 3. that is what the muse is all about.


Posted by Petter Hegre on April 20, 2011
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"i'll never stop saying maria."

"i'll never stop saying maria."

bet you never thought you'd hear me quote west side story.
it's not me at all.
but couldn't help thinking about that song after my encounter with maria ozawa.
she is one astonishing woman.
five years and more at the very top of her profession when many last hardly any time at all.
that takes more than just beauty.
its skill, versatility and professionalism as well.
remind yourself here:

there's a whole encyclopaedia of japanese sexual fetishes.
that's a thousand reasons to make the trip.
maria has probably starred in every type.
now there would be one hell of a picture book.
come to think of it id love to be the man to produce it.

she started out with a 30 second short alongside the kinkikids.
start as you mean to go on must be her motto.
not only that but she's also a dancer and an actress in an indonesian comedy, would you believe.

anyway i mostly wanted to put on record how cool it is that she chose us to work with.
she can take her pick of what to do.
including mainstream modelling and that's a real rarity for an erotic movie star to make that kind of crossover.

i've had my grumbles about japan: but she made up for all of them all by herself. ​


Posted by Petter Hegre on February 02, 2011
Runaway Train

Runaway Train

i'm not talking about the movie "runaway train" from 85´,
which is actually one of my all time favorite movies.
im a prison movie junkie,
and must admit I saw the 2 first seasons of "prison break" in 3 days.
back to my point;
I am talking about
earlier I used to refer to the operation as having a permanent grass fire up my ass.
the deadlines and production requirements are absolutely ruthless !!!
but lately,
with time and refining it has become a controlled runaway speed train.
it's on an endless track (note that we are selling life-long memberships),
and we need to re-fuel it and service it "during-flight" on a daily basis for it not to derail.
actually the intensity is sometimes not that far from some scenes in the movie.
but hey,
all the naked chicks keeps me going,
so I am not complaining.
check out that movie.


Posted by Petter Hegre on January 18, 2011
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Tokyo In a Nutshell

Tokyo In a Nutshell

i'm just back from 2 weeks in tokyo.
it was...weird and complicated.
it did not live up to my expectations.
I envisioned a state of the art infrastructure,
a highly developed and diverse community,
innovation and groundbreaking developments,
but no,
the country's deep depression and free falling since the 90's was very evident,
and this is no melting pot...
the streets are filled up with ONLY japanese !!!!
even the locals said it;
that is shanghai you have on your mind.
this is tokyo.
to put it all in a nutshell,
to give you a sample of how weird this culture is;

Tokyo in a Nutshell

tommy lee jones was plastered all over the city on billboards and vending machines.
seemingly as the face for "HUGO BOSS",
as the logo is practically the same,
but no,
this is BOSS - canned and plastic bottled coffee !!!???
and tommy lee jones is their spokesman!!! LOL

i just find this so freakin' typical for all I saw over there.
what are they thinking ???
where is their authenticity ???

for more rants and raves on tokyo,
check in on my tokyo travel report.
i swear tommy lee jones will not be fronting that report...


ps! but they know their sushi !!!

Posted by Petter Hegre on December 17, 2010
Law Of Jante

Law Of Jante

It's been around forever and exists everywhere,
but it is primarily a scandinavian phenomena
(read norwegian)
danish writer aksel sandemose put it down in 1933
10 laws,
basically it refers to:
death to individuality,
you aren't better than anyone no matter what,
being special is bad,
being average is good.

a newspaper editor in my hometown bragged about his old car in his daily editorial,
anything else would have been unacceptable,
talking about his new beamer might've jeopardized his credibility.
this is the law of jante

this law often force scandinavians to move abroad,
a shame...
I left years ago and never look back.
and I do not see it getting any better.

death to sameness,
long live individuality and tolerance of differences!


Posted by Petter on November 29, 2010
a good chianti

a good chianti

wine and women,
two of my biggest passions in this world,
I simply love to sip on a good red wine,
and you know my lust for capturing woman,
and they represent the luxuries in my life...

the nearest I got to combine these passions in one project was for my "tuscany nude" project.
over a period of 5 years I returned to tuscany a dozen times with beautiful naked models,
drinking the best red in the world,
even soaking the girls in it.
the smell,
the taste,
the calming buzz,
and even if I live in spain,
and therefore mostly drink spanish wine,
(preferably from the region called priorat)
but nothing beats an italian chianti,

I'm no wine expert,
but indulges when I can.
go winery hopping in the summer,
talk with the wine makers,
visit ancient cellars,
and take photographs of beautiful naked women.

it is back to basics;
wine & woman

the attached image is of valia.
she is a former miss belarus.
to see more of her you can go here:

to see some of the galleries with wine flowing,
please see here:

Posted by Petter on November 10, 2010
An Occasional Swelling

An Occasional Swelling

sometimes I get asked if I ever get turned on during a shoot,
and I must admit that there is an occasional swelling,
but the truth is that one is so focused on the light and composition,
and to create a mood and make sure all the other technical aspects are correct
that I only realize how sexy a situation was when I am sitting in front of the computer a few days or weeks later editing the session.
but the models on the other hand,
all they have to do is to get naked, pose and pretend they are enjoying it,
and some are not even pretending.
yanna, our czech ballerina,
is by far the the most virile model I have ever worked with.

first time I worked with yanna was in prague back in 2005.
since then we have been worked together in portugal, italy, france and spain,
and without exception,
it does not take long after the session has started before that clear fine fluid starts appearing between her pussy lips.
and never was it more evident then during a shoot we did at the hotel esperia in barcelona.
she lay naked in an empty bath tub underneath a glass skylight,
wide open legs,
completely exposed and I was shooting her from every direction,
I saw her face and chest redden in excitement,
and then when I started doing some close ups of her pussy I saw what condition she was in.
she was so wet her pussy was blowing air bubbles !!!!
just see for your self in this little film clip attached that I managed to make with my snap shot camera.

two gallery updates that this is very evident in is:
"yanna juice" from Jan 26th 2009 and "yanna silver background" from june
23rd 2005.

last year yanna became a mother,
and I have not been working with her after that,
but I have still not given up on working with her again.

check out yanna's profile here:

Posted by Petter on November 03, 2010
The New Nude

The New Nude

in 2004 I had an inspiration to take my "New Nude" philosophy a step beyond the internet.
I wanted to create a high quality mag that would take erotic photography past the tasteless nudie mags.
it would showcase influential photographers of the past and present,
review gear,
provide interviews and talk about current trends and events in the genre.
the premiere issue was created with the advice of a snobbish manhattan advertising agency, and was simply called HEGRE...
It was beautiful,
handy format,
and with Luba on the cover,
shot at the Mondrian Hotel in L. A.,
really cool and sexy,
but I really didn't want to name it after myself,
but they said it was like swiss watches:
- nobody could pronounce them, but everyone wanted one.
but they were wrong,
so after one issue we changed the name to THE NEW NUDE.
we had a great staff that was dedicated to following their passions and never giving up…
and I losing money every day doing it... ;-)
there were four issues over 2006 featuring the works of shooters like helmut newton, victor skrebneski, dodd essick, andreas bitesnich.
it became a hugely critical success,
and was distributed in over 30 countries.
but a magazine can't survive by over the counter sales and subscriptions alone though, and like any magazine ours needed advertising revenue to make a real go of it...
THE NEW NUDE was way ahead of anything else like it in both quality and concept,
but most advertising buyers get scared when you focus on,
so after issue 4,
near the end of 2006,
we were forced to modify the concept,
and PHOTOICON was born,
but that's a story for another time.

Posted by Petter on November 03, 2010
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Petter Hegre

Petter Hegre

Having studied at the Brooks Institute in California, Petter worked with celebrated photographer Richard Avedon before returning to his native Norway to follow his own artistic vision.

Though he travels the globe photographing beautiful women in beautiful places, he now lives in Barcelona, with his wife Luba.

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