Alex and Flora Couple Cam Session

February 18, 2014
Positional Pleasure

69 ways to mutual satisfaction

This film is the ultimate in intimate. Watch behind-the-scenes as Alex and Flora perform a 69er (and more) for our web-cam voyeurs.

Flora loves an audience and this highly explicit movie is no different. She’s a girl who knows what she wants. Using his muscular body, she brings herself closer and closer – with Alex helping her every step of the way.

Finally the fantastic Flora let’s everything go. And you get to watch it all – with the best view possible.

  • Runtime: 27:25 Minutes
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Members' Comments

Alex shows no emotion whatsoever
It seems he's confused by all of this.
Really great, but . . .
Really hot - the way their relish each other's cock and cunt is great, and everything everyone says about Flora is quite true - the sexiest thing on legs, wonderful breasts and a really, really beautiful cunt as deliciously lickable as the best ice-cream! But - now, I'm not one of those guys who want actual fucking on every scene, but in this case there is a section which is so akin to the real thing that it's almost indistinguishable; only the occasional sight of Alex's not quite hard cock nestling against Flora's cunt shows it's not inside her. The question is if you're going that far, why not go the whole way, in a case like this? I don't see why, now you're actually showing ejaculation, the final step is still considered one too far. If there is some legal matter - i.e. this can't be defined as a sex site if penetration is shows, then I think it should be explained. But as usual, wonderful stuff, and many thanks.
Alex and Flora Couple Cam
wonderful orgasm
It always such a pleasure to watch her getting an orgasm....to see her sexy hot abs contracting....WOW breathtaking
Flora is quite possibly the sexiest woman I've ever seen in my life, and I've seen a great many, thanks to cyberspace. I'm glad I finally stumbled upon this site. Please continue to bring us as much of Flora as possible!
At first you almost feel sympathetic for alex being teased over and over by flora. Then you realize what he gets to do with flora and then all of a sudden you feel envious. Although i wish to see flora take in all she is worth. It is still sexually stimulating to watch her tip toe on the edge of foreplay and intercourse.
Flora jest super, ale chciałbym zobaczyć coś nowego z jej udziałem. Prawdziwy, zmysłowy sex. Ten film już raz był !!!
Seriously, I could watch Flora read a phone book! She's just beautiful in every way.
RE: Alex&Flora
In such an intimate situation, in real life, a man should not have to act or perform; these should come naturally. In front of a camera and potential audience, however, many men cannot sustain an erection - especially when frequently distracted by the cam screen - no matter how sensually stimulating a partner may be. Despite fantastic Flora's best efforts therefore - and bearing in mind that the couple were probably told NOT to go all the way - poor Alex was left looking inadequate. Hence, I don't criticise him for that, but the format itself which limited his options.
Alex and flora - Cam Couple.
The computer was both too intrusive and too disruptive. As a consequence, there was no real spontaneity here, which is a pity because Flora is nothing if not spontaneous and she certainly enjoys sex. Also, the camera angles were inadequate and there were no alternative viewpoints. Having got Alex to the very entrance of Flora's sex it was hypocritical, if not almost criminal, for him not to enter and complete the action. (No doubt that happened afterwards but, on in a shoot that went so far, it could have been shewn to the delight of the watchers and the pleasure of the performers). Let's be adult about this. We've seen many male and female orgasms on the Hegré-Art site, so seeing the natural culmination of sexual foreplay - i.e, actual intercourse - is unlikely to shock anyone watching.
Flora is VERY sexy and looks like she is actually enjoying what she is doing. Not sure about Alex though....maybe he is not a very good actor? Now Petter, I know you believe you are bringing 'Art' to the concept of Erotica, and in some aspects you are, but, in a real sense you are simply playing at being 'arty'. If you are going to show boys and girls naked together, and boys with nice hardons, for gods' sake don't be hypocritical; give us the real coupling and the cumshot! Make the fountain an exquisite artistic statement too!
ahyyyyyy mi flora linda !!!!!! love U
Maria is such a beautiful & sexy girl! Hope to see more videos of hers.
This is very well done, but omit the damn computer. Nothing is more erotic than seeing a man and a woman make love to each other, with their hands and their mouths in constant motion, caressing each other and showing both orgasms, not just one
Well, that was fun!
Terrific film. Totally sexy. Flora is THE BEST! Her orgasm was spectacular. Would like to see them both cum. More like it!
Stimulation and simulation
Let’s be clear: in this movie, everything is good but not everybody. Of course, the concept is excellent since it is the same as in “Shopping Spree”: realism and vitality, Flora showing great initiative and never looking at the camera (except, fleetingly, once [08:05]), what gives us actually the impression that we see without being seen. Here, this impression is even increased because we are privileged compared to the online voyeurs, which is a good idea. Technically, the movie is good though there are some useless blurred shots and we could perhaps have watched more displayed comments/questions from the chat (Flora has clearly a lot of fun reading some of them). But I’m surprised that one Flora’s profile, which is disconnected once from the soundtrack [3:27], had not been cut in the postproduction. Flora is a natural-born actress whose beauty, charisma and calm make her a great one. She has not only an exceptional body but a magnificent face (Art Deco style, which is too rare now) and, moreover, she is as photogenic (see Flora Webcam Action I & II, for example) as videogenic. Flora has also a voice that sometimes can be incredibly deep – like a contralto but with a silvery tone –, sometimes flies away, touching on a little girl voice, what is not the least of her charms. In the end, the whole film rests on her. Now, Alex is probably a nice guy but, here, he seems to be lacking in commitment and conviction, specially between 06:30 and 07:54 then between 17:26 and 19:05. Flora – who could wake the dead! – is on the bed, naked, by his side or even above him, and he has no reaction where it counts, as if he were thinking about his taxes or something like that! It would seem that he wanted to “play cards”. Ironically, Flora says: ”This is not real life” [10:23] and, in this context, we could add “fortunately” because no normal man in this world could act like that. Everyone knows that, with regard to desire, a man cannot simulate and, in the real world or on the stage, Flora is irresistible. She doesn’t even need to stimulate: she IS the stimulation. Sadly, that unseemliness somewhat damages the force and the credibility of this good and interesting film.
Very very hot. Capturing Flora's exuberant sexual energy on film and video results always in something special. Great film, at the limits again, but not porn not just a B/G-scene. It's real fun and thats fantastic! They make a great couple, the chemistry between them shows and makes a big difference, and well Flora of course. There is no other girl like her. Let her do whatever she want's, let her be the boss! :) I'm also glad to see a guy who know what is important, making the girl happy. Thank you both for sharing such intimate fun and Petter for letting Flora push the limits of your work, again.
Film of the week
You're such a a tease! How long must we wait?
The difference?
So there may be some kind of a taboo difference in your mind between the stunningly gorgeous and sexy content of this film, as far as it goes, and outright f**king, but we can't figure out what it is... except that you deny us the beauty of these two people actually coupling. We can't think of anything more perfect than that. Why not just give the people (and most probably the models) what they want?
flora & Alex
Again it is hot with Flora & Alex. Great viewing pleasure. Please bring the sequeals soon.
Flora, Flora, Flora. Sigh.
This cements it in my mind. Flora is the most erotic internet model I have ever seen. The only thing that makes me wistful is that I'll never be the recipient of her sensuous touch.
Hot but...
Might as well have penetration...
This film is great! Wish, more models like Emily or Milena would shoot films like this one. But is this the announced " backstage pass" ? I miss the scene from the still, where he is standing behind her and she is about to suck him...Will there be a part 2? Please move on in this direction ! Thanx a lot !
ohhh myyy goddd
This girl is amazing... i cannot have enough of her... every time i see her movie or pics... she amazes me so much... can't wait for more to see...absolutely love her..
I luv it ... but what about some "real" B/G sex instead of teasing only?
Question: Is there a chance we see "real" B/G-Sex instead of only teasing like BJ, 69, Massages etc.?! BTW: I luv this clip. :)
"don't be shy today!!"..lol you have that effect on us, my dear!
Cosa sarebbe Hegre sito senza Flora..... veramente , ma veramente Peter devi fare una performance di Flora e amica che giocano con Alex....si si si per favore..