Valérie Stimulation Intense | Sep 17, 2013

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Durée : 17:04 Minutes

Commentaires des Membres

Such Beauty
Valerie epitomizes beauty.
that was VERY beautiful - especially the first part. I was waiting for her to use some of that lubrication on her nipples and really lose control and masturbate to orgasm - a bit disappointed there , but otherwise... wow!
This beautiful woman, excites me in all ways. She has a purity and complete sense of what self gratification is all about. Enjoyment and pleasure. She is natural and refreshing to watch. Thank you dear. Dennis
Love & Sex
Hi Valerie You are very sexy Will you marry me???
Hi Valerie Marry me You make me crazy
RE: Valerie
I also dig the Man, I want to marry her...
please give us a photoset of this!!
This is a very sensual video. It's a shame there weren't any close ups at the end of her fingering her ass. Hopefully you will have a photoshoot of this.
I'd like to see it
I'd like to see it.
hope this is a picture set.
This video is hot. I hope you have a picture set coming up of this!
This is a master piece from Valerie, she shows everything about a women, I like the cum , it 's so natural, she has a gfted body,& expounds every detal of it.would relly liek to see more close of a vey slow penertration someday.she is all beauty
Valerie is a beautiful woman without question. Her performances, whether it's a photo shoot, a massage or a film such as this one, teems with quality. It's easy to see that Valerie is extremely confident with the talented Hegre Team because I've yet to be disappointed in any of her works. Thanks.
As you say:this is a virtuoso performance.Congratulations to Valerie.What other woman could reach orgasm in such a position?
As you said:this is a virtuoso performance !.Strange position to reach an orgasm.
Fantastic ! We want more of this .... For me, skip all other type of films, give me only this type of film :-)
Are you kidding me?
I've waited for Valerie to come out with a video like this for years and then the camera man or woman didn't even bother to do any close ups at the end. Seriously? I'm happy but, disappointed at the same time.
so nice to hear lovely valerie's sweet angel voice! (that position has to be murder on her head!lol)
another outstanding performance by Valerie
Valerie Rules
This video was the most erotic thing I have ever seen.
Valerie's Stimulation
I thoroughly enjoy anything and everything that Valerie does... every shoot, film, and massage. She is truly one remarkable and totally versatile model, classy, sexual/sensual, naughty, and extremely erotic. She is full spectrum. She is such a treat, and a huge turn-on, naked and without any props, as she does not need them. Her slender, sexy fingers can achieve all the desirable personal stimulation needed for her to reach those intense and insane sensations that she handles so well. She is captured so well here in her true erotic persona. I never tire of seeing the outrageously gorgeous and highly sexy Valerie model and/or perform in her natural being. A fantastic job, Petter and Valerie. I look forward to erotic art every day.
Valerie - Intense Stimulation
To see a girl stimulate herself to orgasm is fine, but rather narcissistic. To see TWO girls -- or a boy and girl, as in the recent Flora and Mike video -- bring each other to orgasm would be far more interesting because the personal chemistry of their interaction would be much more intense. I am not criticizing Valerie, or any of your models, whose openness and obvious pleasure in their photographic activities are greatly appreciated.
Wow you've just reminded me why I keep renewing my membership, varied submissions. Sometimes there are some good surprises other times it promises something and fails to deliver. This is in the first group, keep it up Petter!!!
valerie is just amazing!!!!!
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Doigt frénétique

Une femme, deux mains agiles

De quoi d'autre avez-vous besoin ? Les expériences sexuelles les plus intenses n'ont pas besoin d'être compliquées. Alors restons simples. Il n'y a aucun gadget, aucun jouet et personne d'autre - juste Valérie avec ses deux mains qui savent comment jouer un air magique (sur un instrument très spécial).

Elle commence à jouter les notes langoureusement au début, mais à la fin ses mains et doigts explorent vigoureusement au-dedans et au-dehors. C'est cru, c'est sale et parfois frénétique.

C'est une performance virtuose que vous ne pouvez manquer !

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