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Marketa in the garden | Mar 29, 2005

Playing Time: 2:31 Minutes
Members' Comments

Pleasure for the eyes!
There are plenty of beautiful girls on this web sites.. But Marketa is utterly breathtaking..
Best of best
Marketa in the garden is so sweet..Wooow. I am in love with her.
Love this fantastic-sensual&artistic movie..
Marketa is the reason for us to exist.. Marketa is as refreshing as the early morning breeze..Marketa is an angel that spills her captivations generous, on us... Thank you Marketa for your captivating appearence..Thank you Marketa for bathing us with your beauty... God bless you....
Marketa is best model ever.
I understand why Marketa is a star on hegre-archives.. She is wonderful and very sexy..
Super Beauty
First of all we must thank your parents for creating such a marvelous human being... Marketa is super is almost impossible to find another such wonderful model like she is.. This movie is so inocent!!
she`a princess
this wonderful girl in a movie is the best thing I have ever seen.. Marketa is the sexiest friggin' chick on the planet. Petter very good choice to shoot Marketa...
Gorgeous.Out of this earth!
Just the kind of girl I would like to love, care and make her happy. More, more, more I want to see more of her!
Marketa my dream
This movie is really very sweet and very sexy. I am crazy about Marketa.
Sweet and sexy movie
It`s always a pleasure to find such Beauty. An exceptionally wonderful and sexy young woman. :o) I Look forward to see more films and pictures of this amazingly hot girl! Congratulations Petter! You did a great job!
incredibly sexy & seductive
Marketa inspires us pure feelings and sublime sensations...Simply the best of all!!!
Best model and best movie
Simply the best of all!
I would without hesitation risk death for a single night with this beautiful woman.
And people wonder why Adam took a bite of the apple, This beauty is as colse to eve as I could imagine, just perfect
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Smell the Roses

When painters imagine Eve walking in the Garden of Eden it is visions of Marketa that surely spring to mind.

Naked, natural, full of expectation, Petter Hegre has captured Marketa as she strolls through the botanical gardens in the Algarve dreaming girlie dreams and reminding us why this student from Prague is one of the great assets at Hegre-Art.


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