Mirta Stripping

May 17, 2005
One Piece at a Time

One word instantly comes to mind when looking at the beautiful Mirta. I’ll give you a hint; it starts with an S and ends with a Y.

If you can’t figure it out you may want to check out our newest film featuring this beauty from the Czech Republic to find a few clues. Mirta’s raven black hair and nimble body seduce the camera and the senses beyond all expectations.

Don’t miss out on the chance to watch this one of a kind temptress as she leaves her inhibitions at the door where they belong.

  • Runtime: 2:29 Minutes
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Members' Comments

Mirta, What a sensuous potential! Thanks to Petter for the great job
Who's music is that?
Hi, Hegre! First of all thank you for this great work! Words are not enough to describe it! Astonishing! I wanted to know what music is used for this movie? Can you please give us a name? Thanks, maxim P.S: Mirta you are so lovely!
killer combo
-beauty and mischief, this girl's HOT. What a look! Great song too, how 'bout some credits?
perfect seduction - art meets beauty
What i like most about Mirta in this artwork is that it appears to me that she enjoys it. Self-confident, being sexy, feeling the rythm of the music, dancing with vibes, having charisma and a gorgeous and beautifull smile that makes her and her appearance so perfect - true art.
Mirta sets off earthquake in Midwestern USA... I think I enjoyed that little tease more than she did, but I think it was a close one.
Oh my GOD!!!!
I am in Love!!!!! Will you marry me????
She is beautiful
This is one of a beautiful girl. I think i have seen her under her workname Nella before. She is honestly great. What a body. I can't wait to see series of her. Petter you're a great photographer....keep up the good work.
Best of the bests
This video is by itself best of the sum of all the other ones. Never seen such a beautiful girl, sensual, divine. Really the best of everything I ever seen in every film, strip, journal, and in real life. My perfect physically ideal woman without any doubt: I would do anything for her (should she read this, please send me an email !!). BRAVA! and BRAVO to Hegre.
mama mia
OK, something "nude" finally!! Good job girl, keep up!!!
Amazing shot, she dances like a queen, truely divine master piece. I highly enjoyed it!
This girl is nice, but she should move more natural..But movie is interesting. Petter is the best photographer!
omg i just fell in love
can i please gat one mirta of my own? :D this girl is just astonishing - i am glad to live only about 50km from the czech republic border.
Best ever
I'm just speechless, best strip I've ever seen!
Very good movie
easily the best
this is easily the best new film since i began my subscription, and among the very best in the archive. kudos!
Good god!
Petter, I would buy a full-res DVD if it was available (put Fabi on it, too, yes?). My oh my oh my.
Absolute Best
Mirta is by far the class act of all the girls you have filmed since I joined. Amazing and I hope to see more of her soon!
good movie
can I have one
bite me mirta certainly rocks the boat. My cousin inlaw is half czech and she aint half that.
This is just awsome! Make more!
This is the sexiest video I have ever seen. It is few and far between that a woman’s presence can capture beauty, grace and a incredible sensuality with just eyes and movement. This video will be one that I remember for the rest of my life. Thank you Mirta; you are truly one-of-a-kind. aa
freakin awsome hooah :]
on behalf of the united states army, i would like to thank you for this video :]
music to my eyes
10 + 4 the film 11 + 4 Mieta's moves Would some one be able to tell me the name of music Mitra is dancing to?
Saucy Mirta
What a Sauce Pot. Wow!
Mirta is the hottest girl on this web page!
Agreed. Deserving of praise
When she smiles her little smile a jolt of electricity flashes through me. She is definitely a pro on the seductive level. One of my favorite videos found here.
Best video ever made!!!! Wow, wow and wow!!!!!
Poetry In Motion
OH MY MY MY!!!! That jet black hair, those seductive eyes, her amazing body and the perfect moves. Without question, the best model on the site. A true work of art. Mirta you are AWESOME! Petter, you made my dream come true. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
True, Mirta has a beautiful body, and it's always a pleasure to look at it. But it seemed to me that she wasn't particularly enthusiastic about the stripping, and I'm old enough now that naked bodies alone do not it for me.
The epitomy of womanhood!
Mirta is the reason I bought the subscription. I saw her in the French playboy and couldn't wait to see more online.
that's it...
the best striptease video ever made.. how can anyone ever make anything better than this? mirta you are mind-blowing. marry me, im as hot as you! ;)
Wow! What a babe indeed...If only America had such a darling!
Perfect fusion
I´m speechless, this video is a perfecct fusion of the senses, the moves, the shapes, the music, the chills, you can almost feel her breath coming out of the LCD. Congratulations Petter, Fantastic site, fantastic work, Mirta: just divine.
Mirta Stripping
Not bad. When she gets a little more confidence, look out! She's young and hasn't quite developed the style yet. Maybe a few pointers over a cup of espresso would do the trick. Call me and I'll pencil you in.
Dawm you good:)
seriously Mirta you are Niiiiiiice:) DAwm baby i love you:)
Best Ever
By far, the best video on the site, featuring the most delicious model, is right here. Mirta plays the static cam better than any actress I've seen. Brilliant art.
Mirta Stripping
Mirta, like Marketa, are the hottest models; not only in their galerry shots but most of all in their films..