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A Day in the Life of Brazil | Jun 07, 2005

Playing Time: 10:57 Minutes
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RE: Good
This is my favorite film....I really wish it was available using HD...She has a great body and Petter did a fabulous job of showing her doing all kinds of stuff, without letting the length get too long. I love this girl's smaller size...she reminds me of someone who could easily be my sister, but she's not...
I like this.
I like this. Much different then what we normally see around here. Change is good!
Ask and ye shall receive.
Thanks, Petter! I really enjoy your films that break out of the mold and go in new directions. Seeing your models like this brings them closer, makes them more familiar (like the girl next door). Hopefully we'll see further adventures like this ... swimming at the beach with friends, playful food fights in the kitchen, receiving an oiled massage, etc.
What I wouldnt give to help her clean that milk up!!!
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24 Hours of Pure Goodness

Petter decided to let his voyeuristic side shine through when he began to follow the day to day life of a young girl living in Brazil.

Every moment is captured from her life as she swims on the secluded beaches of her homeland, rides her bike, and eats her favorite food. Even the private moments are no secret as the camera sneaks a peak at this luscious beauty enjoying a brisk morning shower.

Perhaps the lovely women of Brazil aren’t all that different from the rest of us. But then again, when did being normal ever look this good?

Models in this film:


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