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Marketa - Fluorescent | Jul 19, 2005

Playing Time: 2:52 Minutes
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Marketa knows how to move. nice.
The soft lighting really paid off with this one. Her body looks so lovely and the music is perfect for the way she is dancing. Great!
Marketa is dream for men
Hi I am totally fallen in love with this girl! She has incredible body and face. This video Petter is marvellous! Marketa is one of the best model in the world.
She's beautiful!
Thank you Petter for doing this piece with Marketa. She's just wonderful the way she follows your eyes with hers. Her dancing is sexy and beautiful and, your finesse with capturing her is fantastic, as usual!
Great work Petter! Great work Marketa! This video is the most sexy video ever!
Absolutely fabulous!
No words to describe this beauty! Marketa is wonderful.
Marketa Beautiful!
Marketa is a beautiful and sensual lady! She is so sexy in the fluorescent light! Thank you!
Marketa is one beautiful woman. Please, Petter give us more of her. She is one of the most beautiful girls on the site. Thanks so much. Magoo4
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Sculpted by Light

Marketa’s body is nothing short of visionary, often inspiring those around her to come up with new an innovative ways to show off the female form.

Never one to settle into the same old routine, Petter posed Marketa in between two fluorescent lights and gave her freedom to move, dance, and strip for the camera. The result is a cool and dramatic effect that pays the proper homage to Marketa’s perfect contours, bringing out the goddess within.

Sometimes doing something a little different pays off and this is certainly one of those cases.

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