Mirta Mannequin | Sep 06, 2005

Playing Time: 5 Minutes
Members' Comments

Im speachless, this has to be one of the best movies you have done. Thank you.
beautiful mirta
yes, i have to say that this film truly is a masterpiece. i am imagining my favorite hegre models in place of the mannequin, like luba or gislane or yanna. too many to mention. keep up the great work providing magnificent content. :)
If only Marketa would have stepped in for the manaquin. I can only imagine
I would like to see more of this kind of videos ... ;-)
mirta mannequin
She is very sexy. The tongue action is erotic. I especially love her beautiful ass but this time she had marks that distracted from her beauty. I would also like to see you use more light. thank you.Paul
beautiful beyond belief....she's the reason for joining.
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Making New Friends

Mirta recently spent a little time in the studio brushing up on her dating skills.

We fully realize however that watching Mirta with another man might make some of you out there a tad bit jealous so Petter Hegre provided her with the next best thing, a fashion dummy that she could use to hone her skills. Watch this all natural beauty as she throws on some feminine charm and seduces our hapless victim.

Mirta is so good at it that you may even see a few goose bumps form on the skin of our mannequin's plastic flesh. Now that is what we call savior fair!

Models in this film:


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