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The Apple Girl | Nov 24, 2002

Playing Time: 3:18 Minutes
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RE: What is her name
I think we know now she's called Tatiana. Such a natural isn't she with a lovely figure. Natural breasts and a hairy pussy which we like in girls, yes? Loved all the films I've seen her in. In Five Girls on a Pier, who are the other 4? I would love to know.
ahh Tatiana !
I didn't watch the teaser. But I agree with what was written up but just reorder it :<br> - She is the no 1 of all models in hegre-archives.<br> - This model is the most beautiful creature on God's earth.<br> - Isn't she beautiful ?<br> - Simply, a Goddess !<br>
Is'nt she beautiful ?
My oppinion is she is the no 1 of all models in hegre-archives . I rate the video 4star because the video includes some staff like someone pass the pool ,the lady assistant standing on the pool those should be excluded . Please go more closer to her . Let us see her better ;)
exotic and exquisite
One of the frames in this set is my new computer background. The colors are rich and the model lovely. I am at a loss why there are no reviews. Perhaps the members were too stunned after the first viewing to scroll down, like I was.
Simply, a Goddess
The video itself is marginal, but the model more than makes up for it. Agree with other review--this model is the most beautiful creature on God's earth.
What is her name
Did some one asked this before, or is just me?? What is HERE NAME?
She has got the most georgeous eyes on the whole of this site. Oh, and yes that is a lemon not an apple.
Looked like a lemon to me! Anyway...You definitely have a keeper there! SHE IN GORGEOUS!!!
she&acute;s magnifiq, really beautiful and the way you show her is wonderful
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Is it Poison?

Here is another candid film of a gorgeous FRESH Girl working her magic.

You can see her climb down into an empty pool, strip to her birthday suit, and pose for Petter as she teases an apple with her lips and teeth like some childish, innocent Eve. This bodacious lovely is one of our hottest commodities with long coal-black hair, mesmerizing purple eyes, slender sexy legs, and full, lovely melons.

As you watch this clip you just wanna scream out “bite, baby, bite!” Enjoy this super erotic teaser!

Models in this film:


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