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Sofia & Jana Nuits parisiennes... | Jan 24, 2006

Durée : 9:25 Minutes
Commentaires des Membres

r u kidding or what?
simulated lesbians
Please record more like this
"Imagine the worst film you have ever seen: This film is the exact opposite." Thanks for helping me put my feelings into words.
More of these two!
Another movie with these two that shows how well they work together on film, natural and seductive.
Want to be Sofia
The best description I have seen for this movie was "good god". Great to look at these two girls. Dream that I am in the position of Sofia. Just would be great to be in that bed with Jana.
This perfect seductive video with two perfect women never gets old. Excellent 69 shot and plenty of great shots of perfect butts! One of these times I will make to end of video without cumming, but I doubt it. More like this please!
how many times
I can't tell you how many times i've watched this video.....just waiting for more like it....yes, it's extremely sexual, but the movement enhances the entire experience and transcends most girl on girl fluff.
Very Hot
I loved it. It made me hard as hell, and I started stroking as soon as I saw the ass play. Very hot.
We just found a cure for homosexuality..... this video. They are so beautiful it brings tears to my eyes.....
Bit Further....
Those two go a little bit further then others!! Thats what I like about this film! You realy can tell that they're enjoying it (me too, by the way!) I'm also a big fan of Parisian Nights, so, this boy can't help it...!
Incredibly sensual and erotic!
Wow!!!!! This was hot!
Great Art work
Simply fabulous, a masterpiece indeed!
Sofia and Jana
That was the most sensuous and erotic thing I have ever seen.
film 144
Good God!
sofia and jana
yes thats the best so far more of it well done
masterpiece ! More like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
masterful beauty, colours seem clearer, filming was quaint and delicate, beutiful directing, bed sheets looked like they could of been crisper, some more vaj licking as well please. bravo
Wonderful, beautifully paces, luxuriously sensual and erotic
brilliant! soft, tender and sensual. I wish I can see more works like this. Thanks indeed.
Its amazing how such a simple set and two stunning girls can turn out so beautifully. This music was an excellent compliment to the film.
Jana's beautiful raven-haired face is like porcelain... well done to both her and Sofia (and Petter!) for a truly wonderful film!
Its films like these that make you wonder if you're dreaming. One of the best films, thank you.
Sofia & Jana
Wow.... This was awesome as it was so sexy and classy at the same time. my girfriend and I love this specific type of work.. Please do more...
sofia & jana
I give it an 8.I for one, could not help but notice that these girls kissed everywhere EXCEPT on the lips! That would've made it perfect!
Imagine the worst film you have ever seen: This film is the exact opposite.
Wish there was sound on this one
This movie is amazing. Breathtaking artistry. Gorgeous girls. Keep it up!
The Capture of Desire
You must have sensed it: These two girls want to be together. It is the joy of honest passion beautifully captured. Your best work. Can you possibly equal or top it?
Sofia & Jana Parisian Nights
Without doubt the most beautiful short film currently available from Peter Hegre. Words cannot descibe how sexy these two girls are together. The quality of filmimg is out of this world. A total wow!
great Art&Reality
a piece of art and the real action together. Till now I supposed that it were impossibe!
Sofia & Jana Parisian Nights
This is so beautiful, I want to wright comments but I can't find the words. Georgeous girls, verry nice camera work, and beautifull music. We want more, thats the best way to discribe it
Sofia & Jana Parisian Nights
This is a beautifully done film that has good lighting & remains sensuous at all times..I must confess it was a "turn-on"
sofia & jana
This film is absolutely wonderful! Even women might like it - my girlfriend loves it!
Sofia & Jana in Paris....
petter, this really is THE best video i have seen on Hegre Archives. Congratulations!! Amazing!! Keep it up!!! now we would like to see a video likewise of Marketa and Luba. Yours Tony
needs a soundtrack
beautiful shot movie. but i think it needs some sensual music to go with it the whole movie is too silent !
Most erotic film of all!
I have seen every one of your short films at least once. Of all of them, "Sofia & Jana Parisian Nights" is both the most tender and the most erotic of all of them. It is Art; it is sex; it is two beautiful women giving comfort to each other and satisfying their own desires at the same time. Without a word being spoken it communicates volumes of passion.
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Réconfort intime

Parfois, tout ce que demande une femme est le réconfort chaleureux d’une amie.

Sofia et Yana seraient sûrement d’accord, se réconfortant l’une et l’autre, enlacées en une nuit fraîche au coeur de la ville du romantisme. Sensuelles and provocatrices, ces deux déesses sont la définition par excellence du mot intime ; cela saute d’autant plus aux yeux lorsqu’elles se caressent, parcourant leurs corps de la tête aux pieds. Elles ne semblent pas conscientes de la présence de la caméra qui s’empare de chacun de leurs gestes ; ou alors elles n’en n’ont que faire.

Un film plus qu’attrayant que vous ne pouvez laisser passer !


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