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Ekaterina - Blonde in bed | Feb 14, 2006

Playing Time: 3:17 Minutes
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vaginal perfection,ekaterina has a piece of heaven between her legs.
Ekaterina - Comforts of Home
She's a very beautiful woman. Has a great body from every angle. She is every man's dream!
Ekaterina-Blonde in Bed
This, by far is definately the HOTTEST Hegre film in the archive. Ekaterina comes as close to describing the term "Goddess" as there can be. She is warm, sensual, and beautiful. Definately my most watched Hegre film by far!
fantastic,sexy,beautiful girl
beautiful just beautiful
Ekaterina's clip
Ekaterina is georgeous, sensuous and young. I love that girl, she is exceptional.
Ekaterina film
Perfect..Everything about her is natural and simply beautiful. Wish she was my exercise instructor !
awesome... beautiful lady... best film i've seen....
holy shit. that's all i need to say.
Beautiful girl
She´s such a beautiful girl, i just can´t belive it, she´s almost an angel
If I do these excercises can i get a body like that, Ekaterina has a enchanting face and a Voluptuous body.
Simply Amazing
Are you trying to give me a heart attack? Ekaterina is a great model and this has got to be one of the hottest films of all time. What an incredible body, and what an incredible eyeful!
did wait so long to see her, worth it.
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The Comforts of Home

They say home is where the heart is. In the case of Ekaterina the home is certainly the source of both heart and body!

Get an inside look at this voluptuous young woman as she entertains herself in her Kiev apartment. Ekaterina performs exercises in the nude, relaxes in bed, and enjoys the comforts of an evening to herself; all while the camera gets up close and personal. If you’ve ever been curious about the personal life of Ekaterina, then this is the film for you.

Staying home on a Friday night was never so much fun!

Models in this film:


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