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Diah rythm of Bali

March 14, 2006
Lost Paradise

When one looks into the eyes of Diah there is no mistake that a regal and powerful princess is looking back at you.

Shot in the heart of the Muslim world, this is a one of a kind opportunity to see an Islamic model showing a spirit and beauty not usually connected to a conservative religion. Diah dances nude before the camera in the calm cool waters of what some consider the last paradise on earth, and after viewing this film you may be inclined to believe it’s true.

Seductive, sensual, and enticing, the movements of Diah’s naked body are sure to put a spell on you!

  • Runtime: 3:30 Minutes
  • Format:
    • SD 480p (16 MB)
    • SD 360p (8.9 MB)
    • SD 240p (5.4 MB)

Members' Comments

Very nice film, calm editing and so on - but there seem to be a whole other story going on in the end; which is interesting! Maybe the end is the beginning, Petter. Now I've watched your films for a forthnight and I think many could have been more careful made in terms of thinking up a story, small as it may be, for instance Gislane in a babershopstool in the studio is not quite enough, charming as she is though and willing to break the situation with a smile. So, please, more creativity! Best regards Torben H
This video manages to be similtainiously hilarious, extremely sexy and features the use the best piece of costume-cupboard paraphernalia of all time... What more could a man want! 10/10..
Loved it...
Wonderful video. I loved Diah's dark eyes, and everything else about her! :) The editing, and the "exotic" dance moves, helped to make her almost seem like some kind of supernatural being. (And I loved the clip at the end...it makes you realize that she's very much a real person... :)
Lost Paradise
More Films Like This! Great Job!!
Diah of Bali
Elegant and exotic, very well done! Mark
Hilarious! I thought I was watching a sketch on Saturday Night Live!
Amazing !