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Jana - Workout | Apr 18, 2006

Playing Time: 4:35 Minutes
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If there Is such a thing as love at first site, then I have fallen for this lady. She has the most beautiful kitty that I have ever seen. I loved the way that she was doing push-ups & leg workouts. I gave this video a 10 because she Is so sexy when she works out In the nude.
Jana has one of the finest bodies on the Hegre website, obviously low-mileage, and one of the prettiest faces, a combination that is enhanced by her smiles and glances. Hard to surpass!!!
More Jana
Great to look at Jana having a work out. Want to see much more of Jana.
dream come true
Oh the stretching and contracting in the nude, no less.
serene workout
Beautiful lady exercising serenely, shame about the poor lighting casting unwarranted shadows.
good video - nice vagina views
magnifique, and thats all
jana is just majestic
just flawless
Quite simply ... the best workout video ... ever!!!
Flims like these make me want to go out and keep fit myself!
ok, she's pretty hot, no matter what angle you look at her from...
Women that make you go MMMmmm...
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Let’s See You Sweat!

They say our bodies are our temples, a phrase that Jana takes quite seriously. After all, a gorgeous figure must be maintained, cultivated, even worshiped.

In a film that will make you re-think that gym membership you let expire; Jana teaches us that exercise can not only be fun, but highly sensual as well. Performing leg lifts in front of her mirror image, we witness a perfect body in the making.

Join Jana in this one of a kind film and feel the burn Hegre style.

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