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Naomi Private Dance

June 20, 2006
Body Rhythm

For Naomi, an intimate private dance is more of an art form then a skill.

After watching this film, we think you’ll probably agree with that assessment. So enticing, so methodical, and so plain sexy is Naomi when she dances for you that we guarantee you’ll feel shivers of excitement crawling down your spine.

Stare into Naomi’s eyes as she does a private dance for you and you alone. We promise you’ll never look at a dance club the same way again.

  • Runtime: 5:40 Minutes
  • Format:
    • SD 480p (25 MB)
    • SD 360p (14 MB)
    • SD 240p (8.8 MB)

Members' Comments

What a body perfect beautifully filmed.Its a pity most of the films & photos were taken more than 5 years ago.One wonders if she still lives in Cape Town.I just love African women my girlfriend is African.
Beautiful girl and beautiful dancing. A delight to see.
This has to be the sexiest dance ever recorded. How is this girl not famous?
Naomi is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. She is the reason I joined this site. Can't wait to see more of her!
More Black Women Please
Your site needs more and more pretty black women.Naomi is the best however,theres not a thing new on your site with her...
Eve reincarnate
Naomi is the model who drew me to the site. She is a most incredible woman. I believe that she is a woman like the original must have been. She is the most natural and the sexiest model to me.
she is beautiful
Naomi is the most beautiful girl on this site. Will you marry me Naomi?
I joined for Naomi, she's delightful.
Like so many others, I have fallen for Naomi! I am totally captivated by her. When I lived in Kenya I had a girl friend very much like her. Naomi makes me long to be back in Africa! The beauty of the ebony girls is to behold! More please!
After seeing the free samples of Naomi on the 'net, I had to join. She is the reason I joing this site. The only way this could have been better is if it was in widescreen HD.
She is just beautiful - she reminds me of Angela. She was the best girl I ever hat....
Flexible Beauty Comfortable in Her Skin. I leave with with No Money, She Has it.
Naomi - Private Dance
This has to be one of the most sexiest women on the site. She has rhythm, style and attitude. I like the she handles her body - very nice work.
naomi leaves me speechless,she is a spectacular woman.
So Beautiful
Naomi, you are so beautiful! I love the way you move and how you capture the very essence of what sexy really means. There is something about you that will leave a very memorable impact on all who see your work! I want more, I need more. You are exactly what I need to see in a pretty young lady. For this reason I am renuing my subscription. I don't want to be without a picture of Naomi. Much love to you and Mr. Hegre for bringing you to my attention.
Incredible film. Naomi is by far one of the most beautiful, sexy and sensual women on the planet. If Mr. Hegre or anyone else ever creates the all Naomi website, please let me know.
Oh my God!
Dear sweet Naomi, are you trying to kill us? What an amazing dance, so intimate and so generous. Definately the sexiest thing I've ever seen on video, for that matter real life! I don't know how you do it, the camera loves you and you love the camera, you are so special. I love you.
Quality A1 Hottie
I'm in luv wit a ..... dancer!
Naomi is excellent in presenting her innerself through the movement of her body.(LOVE THE MUSIC) My wife and her have the same body but from{ south america }I understand the talent that Naomi has in her self in the art of expressing her beautiful body. I am sorry for the delay in giving the photographer credit[[[I was intoxicated by the lady and the music! The impact from the aformentioned lady combined with film quality and music was incredible]! thank you StephEn
Delicious...amazing...please, more, more, more, more...
Thank You Naomi
That dance was priceless.
Wow !
One of the sexies films I've seen on this site. Naomi is mesmerizing, her dance is hypnotizing, and her chocolate body is... err... appetizing. ;) Furthermore, the music matches well and the singers voice is very sexy.