Marketa Lotion | Jul 18, 2006

Playing Time: 4:31 Minutes
Members' Comments

Beautiful Marketa!
Marketa is beautiful and sexy and when she smiles well... it is like nothing in this life can go wrong when you are around her!
Marketa is stunningly beautiful!
A charming film. Marketa is as beautiful as ever. What a pity she needed to go to the trouble of putting on the lotion herself. I'm sure there were thousands of men who if asked would instantly have offered their assistance!
too mild for a Marketta film..she needs to open up a little like in her amazing photos
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Silky Smooth

Marketa knows that taking care of her skin is the first step to a young and healthy look for years to come.

Of course, she also knows that slowly lathering her entire naked body with lotion on film is perhaps one of the most sensual activities one can do to drive men wild! Watch this vivacious woman cover every inch of her body until her skin is literally glowing and baby soft.

Don’t be surprised if by the end of this film you feel tempted to reach in and touch Marketa. I know we certainly were!

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