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Alya Ballerina | Aug 22, 2006

Alya Ballerina
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Playing Time: 4:23 Minutes

Members' Comments

thank you for the class act site, your girls are beautiful and classy,you show taste in every film i have seen, keep up the good work. thank you for the art work and not being cheesy or cheep. alya is perfection!!!
That empty space...
...between her thighs frightens me a bit ! Yet I luv this unique girl.
No way - leave her as the classic goddess she is! There are millions of pole dancers out there - very few class acts. The HDV quality is great. Please do more.
Shake it up
Alya is always so perfect and proper. Shake things up a bit. Film and photgraph her in a truly erotic dance strip tease with some edgy music. A little grinding, a little brass pole, a little naughty.
grace and elegance.
In any case, both outdoor or indoor, Alya is a stunning beauty. This is an as fine and elegant film as the actress. Alya would have grace and elegance enough to be a great ballerina. The day after tomorrow is Christmas, then Merry Christmas to everybody!
Not nearly enough nudity in this film, but Alya's so beautiful, I'm thankful the 90 seconds we do get.
Hi Petter, Thank you once again for this magnificent film ( Alya Ballerina ) The set up is perfect and also your model is above everything. The only thing you didn't mentionned was the title of this beautiful piano music. Please sent me the name of the composer, I really would appreciate it, PS ; You've the best site in the world, really art, even more Greetings
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Little Dancer

Alya always dreamed of becoming a classical dancer, but growing up in a poor family she never got her chance. That is until now

Finding herself all alone in a small dance studio - Alya, looking hesitant with just a touch mischievousness, seizes her opportunity to slip off her clothes and try on that tiny white dress synonymous with the ballet elite.

She seems cautious at first, and a little shy, but after carefully examining her naked form in the studios life size mirrors she begins to understand that she is truly is the graceful young goddess she always wanted to be.

Slim and delicate in our second ever HDV film, Alya is like a living doll made from pure porcelain. A true treasure to behold!

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