Yanka - Poses | Sep 05, 2006

Playing Time: 4:09 Minutes
Members' Comments

This is an exquisite female nude figure study and Yanka does it to perfection. I absolutely love female nude figure studies!! This film definitely reminds me of why I fell in love with the female nude!! Yanka, my darling you are a perfect subject and certainly are a special kind of woman!!
Nice Model
Excellent photo shoot
More Yanka!
She's a goddess! More Yanka videos please!
Please, give me a nasty Yanka! Yanka, grazie di esistere.
okay yanka perfect face,intriging mood, perfect body ,graceful movement so this is captured in a skillful way i am amazed how well all of ths is framed in this film and also in the several gallery shots very very nice compliments to "the photographer" and thanks to yanka for sharing her beauty .. remarkable just plain remarkable
very nice
Yanka Poses ...
Dear Petter ..... I loved this film! The wonderful golden color of Yanka's skin, the lighting, and especially the "cut-aways" interspersed with her smiling and laughing. This film was great work! Thanks, I will remember this short film for a long time.
Lovely "gentle breeze" effect too!
Yanka has a drop-dead gorgeous pout. If all the girls from the Czech republic are like Yanka and the others on your site, I want to move there!!!
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Body Muse

It takes a special kind of woman to stand naked and perfectly still before the camera, letting the lens carefully trace the lines of her body in intricate detail.

Yanka does just that and a whole lot more in a film that will make you remember exactly why you fell in love with the female body in the first place. Playfully winking, with a heart stopping smile gracing her lips as the camera slowly pans across her face, Yanka exposes it all – every curve, every line, and every awe inspiring inch of her God given gifts to mankind.

Like an intimate lover, you will get to know the beautiful Yanka inside and out, leaving all sense of mystery behind like an unwanted memory.

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