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Helena Karel Actress | Dec 05, 2006

Playing Time: 3:59 Minutes
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You can see in this video that Helena has reached a level of total nude confidence. She is proud of herself naked. It is very beautiful and inspiring.
Type of models?
Why would you only want to see one "type" of model on here? I appreciate the thin, delicate figures as much as anyone, but if there were no Dasha or other, more fully allocated women (see above) I wouldn't be able to appreciate the lithe figures nearly as much (and if you took away Dasha I wouldn't be a member anymore :O).
Helena Karel
Wow! What a beautiful woman.
Helena Karel...
no criticism, but ...why do I feel that this girl does not fit to the type of models Petter seems to prefer...
helena is majestic,beautiful face,fantastic body.
Que Karen est belle!
Congratulations Peter. Helena's body is a work of Art, no question for me. And she knows how to move and look at the lens. She's misteriously and definitely very attractive. Please, both of you, give us more!
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Boldy Beautiful

Like a true diva Helena Karel knows how to cause a stir! Here on Hegre-Art.Com members have debated her enhanced breasts and inked body. Whatever your opinion on Helena Karel, nobody can deny that this model oozes sex appeal from every pore. And here at Hegre-Art we like to think that this girl's body is a work of art!

Watch Helena Karel, unashamedly naked, dance for Petter's camera in this movie that simmers until boiling point. Prepare to be pleasured as the camera pans up her toned body and lingers over her beautiful olive skin. Look on as Helena Karel's long dark, silky hair tumbles over those much talked about breasts.

Let yourself be seduced as Helena Karel's dark eyes invite you to look just a little longer

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