Masha Manhattan | Dec 12, 2006

Playing Time: 4:50 Minutes
Members' Comments

Nice work on my home turf. Magoo4
What Paul said!!!
Gorgeous girl! But, WAY too much Manhattan, and, not enough Masha!!!
film 190 Angel in the City
didn't care for the transparency effect. Otherwise Masha is very nice.
Cool sound I am sure that building has never had so much attention.
Totally awesome setting for this movie, great music too. Masha really does look like an angel on the rooftop!
Masha Movie
Great model, great setting.
Masha Manhattan
Loved this whole movie, the setting, the sky colour, the music and of course lovely naked Masha! Loved it when the police siren comes in, it captures the spirit of NYC. A very atmospheric film
great movie,beautiful girl.
Angel with wild at heart
Great music and post, she has the charisma which fits with the NY background!!
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Angel in the City

Picture the scene! A crisp, cold autumn day in New York City, clear blue skies, bright sunshine and the renowned Manhattan skyline.

Suddenly along the rooftops you get a glimpse of what seems to be a naked angel. Shes winding her way amongst the harsh lines of construction, occasionally glancing back to meet your gaze and tempt you to continue following her with your eyes. Its new Hegre find Masha, a model who literally lights up the surrounding grey, concrete jungle.

The office workers in nearby buildings cheered from their windows as this film was being shot, come and find out why!

Models in this film:


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