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Yanna Transpire à grosses gout... | Jan 09, 2007

Durée : 3:39 Minutes
Commentaires des Membres

just love the way she opens up the honey space as she slides between her lengthy legs
Yanna the Goddess
Wonderful exhibition of her beauty. She is truly incredible. The music sounds like a pregnant cat from outer space.
Never disappoints....
Yanna is the hottest model you have on film. Any thoughts about a full length Yanna-only DVD release. Would love to eventually see her on Blu-ray or HD-DVD, then it would be like she were right there in person in my living room. Yanna is the most erotic model I've seen in a long time. Her slender body enhanced by the oil is unbelievable as is her frank openness.
Please please get the HD movie camera on Yanna as soon as possible!
Good Goddess!
Every day in every way you're getting better and better Yanna takes a special place with Alya, Leila and Olga. Petter you and your crew have elevated the female body to the highest level of art.
Another sexy delight of a performance from magnificent Yanna. Great setting, lots of sun, beautiful tan, unbelievably fit body...and she's rubbing herself with oil? I could watch it all day... :) Also, the soft, sensual music is a very good fit. All in all, a real stunner. Give us more, please!
Yanna Clip
Yanna is definately a 10 on the hard scale. No question. As evidenced in the last photo shoot, Yanna is getting bolder with her amazing beauty. Perhaps this could have been reflected in the clip too. Please keep her coming. Give us another Yanna Week, in fact. And keep using oil--It works every time!
So this is what beauty looks like pared down to less than 10% body fat and every one of the 99 pounds elegantly functional. Could we ever see a video of her doing one of her dance numbers, naked?
yanna never fails to impress,and in this film she is at her sensual best,just fantastic.
Concert of the fingers, symphony of beauty and desire, i am so proud that she is Czech.....
Perfect Body
Absolute female perfection! unfortunately quality of video not great which is unusual, quite alot of flaring possibly due to bright colours. Yanna looks so relaxed and sexy. More please
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La fièvre au corps

Nue, chaque recoin de son corps de rêve trempé dans l’huile de bronzage, Yanna prend une pause sur son emploi du temps chargé afin de s’emparer de quelques rayons de soleil.

Préparez-vous à être fasciné par ces membres élancés et détendus alors qu’elle se prélasse sur son transate. Yanna ne vous cache pas un millimètre de sa personne alors que la caméra se promène lentement le long de son corps ferme et roulé à souhait. Mais à quoi pense-t-elle vraiment, caressant délicatement sa douce peau, provoquant des remous de plaisir au corps qui est le sien ?

Vous êtes chaud ? Yanna, une fois de plus, ne fait pas dans la froideur et va vous provoquer de la fièvre au corps ! Vous ne pouvez pas laisser passer un film aussi torride !

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