Olga D Oily | Feb 06, 2007

Playing Time: 5:21 Minutes
Members' Comments

Olga D
Very erotic and beautiful model. My heart is beating faster!
Olga D
OlgaD is the prettiest model. I enjoy her beautiful smile. Also her perfect body. Please tell her hello and I wish her the very best in her career.
olga d
olga is perfect
Olga D.
Olga is one of the cutest girls I've seen in a long time and after just 3 sets and 1 movie already one of my favourite models here. She seems so delicate and shy, yet very confident and comfortable in front of the camera. Very good work from the both of you and rest of the team, of course. I hope we will see more of her in the future.
show her feeets the are nice !!
olga d
very cute girl and a sexy video, but maybe she would look better with 5 lbs. more of weight
Olga D
More, more, more!!! What a beatiful girl!!
wanna see these lovely slavic blondes with full blonde bushes please!
Thank you once again Johnson & Johnson. I'd love to see more films like this. The music was a good choice.
olga d
exquisite movie yeah!! and the combination of pink breast and oil have always kept my engine running... this movie is sick... and olga is more than enough to get anyone kranked... this movie is certainly a treasure Nice job everyone !!!!
Slippery and sexy
Olga D is absolutely adorable! I love watching your models soak themselves i baby oil, and Olga D is no exception. Yummy! The music is cool too, by the way. And when she made those gestures towards the end of the clip, my eyes opened up a little wider... This is a good one, Petter! I hope to see more of her.
olga d
great movie,olga is terrific,one incredibly sexy woman.
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Lubrication Sensation

New model Olga D makes her film debut on Hegre-Art.com and what a debut it is!

With her gorgeous tight and petite body, viewing blonde teen Olga's first gallery proved to be a stimulating experience for many of our members! Now you get to see the film version of that first exciting photo session.

You won't be able to take your eyes off Olga as she lubricates her entire body in baby oil as a trance-inducing soundtrack pulls you further in to this mesmerising performance. Share in Olga's pleasure as you watch her sliding her hands all over her tiny, firm body with slippery fingers intimately and skilfully gliding up and down.

Natural, unshaven and quite simply beautiful let Olga D lubricate your mind...

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