Ekaterina Fantasía Roja | Feb 20, 2007

Duración: 5:57 Minutos
Comentarios de los Miembros

i would love to lick between her butt cheeks
When I see this Video, I wish I could take her and fuck her all night long! Her body is just perfect!
Couldn't we have some larger higher resolution movies. She is gorgeous.
Beautiful, sensuous exploration
Thanks for this calming, arousing, sensuous video of a beautiful woman enjoying gently caressing her body. Life can be hectic, but what's the need to rush when Ekaterina takes all the time she needs? Thanks Petter and Ekaterina
This film is great! Incredible, what a woman, what a body. Te way her hands are caressing her extremely beautiful breasts... I can't resist this woman.
Ekaterina Red Fantasy
Not enough superlatives to do her justice.
amazing body she is lovely i dont usely like blondes but i was plesantly surprised!!!!!
Ekaterina-Red Fantasy
Ekaterina is simply one of the most beautiful women in the Hegre line-up! This film goes far to prove thst. It is a lovely and sensual depiction of her beauty and sensuality. Thank You, Petter.
Very sexy! More photos of this set please!!! The one you published yet is to little! More Ekaterina!
Ekaterina The Beautiful
Be it her image-sets, films or snapshots, there is absolutely nothing which you won't like about her. She is the very essence of beauty. Many, many thanks to Petter and the Hegre Team for presenting her.
ekaterina is a woman of incredible natural beauty,everything about her is just perfect,she is a vision you could not possibly get tired of watching.
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La Chica del Suéter

Guiñando el ojo a esa moda de los años 50 en que las chicas llevaban suéters para cubrir sus cuerpos neumáticos, la jovencísima Ekaterina vuelve con sus curvas para subirnos la temperatura en este nuevo film al rojo vivo.

La rubia Ekaterina te hará perder la cabeza will drive you wild as she exposes and caresses those gravity-defying breasts and the rest of her perfect female form. Watch her sending shivers of pleasure throughout her body with her every caress and gaze on in awe as she expertly teases her rosebud nipples erect and fixes you with those knowing eyes.

Sexy, cute and teasing Ekaterina will certainly leave you feeling the heat!

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