Feurige Yanna

April 3, 2007
Fantasie am Kamin

Der Frühling mag zwar gekommen sein, aber die Abende können in dieser Jahreszeit immer noch recht kühl sein. Wie gefällt Ihnen also die Aussicht auf ein wärmendes Kaminfeuer und Yanna, die sich davor einölt?

Machen Sie es sich bequem und sehen Sie Yanna dabei zu, wie sie sich ganz ihrem intimen, weiblichen Ritual vor dem Feuer hingibt. Ihre feuchten, glatten Finger fahren dabei sanft über ihren strammen Bauch, über ihre schönen Brüste und an der weichen Innenseite ihrer Schenkel entlang. Yanna ist einfach so bezaubernd und natürlich wie immer, und wieder einmal lässt sie die Temperatur gewaltig ansteigen!

Kommen Sie und leisten Sie Yanna Gesellschaft vor dem heißen Kamin!

  • Runtime: 4:57 Minuten
  • Format:
    • SD 576p (47 MB)
    • SD 480p (22 MB)
    • SD 360p (13 MB)


she's really super skinny(i love skinny girls)but i think she's naturally skinny,not anorexic and she's exactly the style of girl i love for sex!i think it was really a big chance for the men wich have sex with her!she's really fantastic!
Once again, a delightfully erotic video of Yanna. I loved how the colors of the walls of the room, the wood, the fire, Yanna's tan skin, and her amber hair complemented each other, as if it were a living painting. And the acoustic guitar piece was *perfect*! (No rapping, no overdone techno, just pure musical sweetness.) If only there had been more of Yanna showing off her flexibility, it would have been perfect--but I'm not complaining. :) Simply splendid.
As always, Yanna delivers. Very sensual film. Yanna is gorgeous with an incredible body.
She is just perfect! I am 59 years old, but Whenever I see photos or videos of Yanna, I feel 18 again-blood pressure and hormone levels rising! Number one in my eyes also. Wow! I think I'll watch it again. Thanks so much!
Stunning Beauty
An absolutely beautiful film from Yanna she has a sensual beauty that pours over this film, she is a woman of total grace and passion, her every movement oozes a sexual awareness of being watched by an admiring audience. I will be watching this thing of beauty for a long time to come, Yanna you are No 1 in my eyes. badga x