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Sian Massage intime | May 22, 2007

Durée : 4:43 Minutes
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RE: Film
absolutely fine with masseuse being clothed. Don't really understand why its important to other people as the whole point is the pure mysterious beauty of a woman's orgasm. Although, the masseuse is rather lovely herself and it would be wonderful to see her on the receiving end!!
RE: massage
i agree with u.
Rally very pretty and very erotic; I agree that the masseuse should be naked - clothes are a turn-off both for the viewer and the subject. But as a fan of giving beautiful women a massage, I appreciate the technique!
Peter make some vids with Sian in her natural hairy state. She is so erotic with here bush.
I look at these so I can get excited and masterbate. It would be a lot better if the person doing the massage were naked. She should spend more time around her clit and maybe even penertrating. Just watching a person get a lagitamate massage is not excitng.
Sian intimate massage
Beautiful Sian was much, much more relaxed getting this massage than I was watching it. Absolutely lovely.
You are so right!!!. My jaw did hit the floor!. My keyboard was getting wet because of all the slobbering. I gave her video a BIG 10 because she shaved her kitty. She looked just as sexy with the full-patch of hair down there. Sian looked like she was enjoying every minute, you know I was.
just joined. wow,wow very real,sexy and great ,love the oil and the shadows that inhance her bode.I wonder what a sponge and soapy water end would look like .thanks
What a beauty!
Deliriously sexy...
That was wonderful! In ordinary photo shoots and movies, you see the form of a woman's body; but here you see how the flesh moves and feels to the touch. Breasts, stomach, buttocks, legs, genitals...Sian is a true all-around beauty, and this gives us something really amazing to watch. Thank you Sian...and thank you, Petter.
SLIDE and Glide
Why not more sensual massages by Asian specialists ?? RATE your massage films best of all - action continue
why not a 4hands massage by 2 handsome men to a young blonde ? julio
This is a video that really makes you melt. I love seeing a beautiful woman receiving a massage from an equally beautiful woman. The fact that it's sensual and non-pornographic makes it even more alluring. I hope to see more!
I miss Sian's wonderful bush but what a beautiful set of lips!
Where is the bush?
Fantastic video... Incredibly sensuous and delicious. More massage videos of this sort would be a real treat!
amazing,i am hoping to see more videos like this
Sian's intimate oil massage
Exquisite work from beautiful and talented ladies!
Many thanks for sharing a beautiful film of a most beautiful lady. I can only hope for many more. Sian is my personal favorite. Thanks again.
fantastic,an incredibly sensual massage,of an incredibly beautiful young woman,10/10.
oh yes!
Very sensual, very beautiful. Compliments!
It seemed like it took forever for this update to finally come out, but it was WELL worth the wait! Sian you are so beautiful, I hope you enjoyed the massage and thank you for sharing! Well done Mr. Hegre!
slide and glide
Congratulations! Nice film. What a beauty this girl is having shaved her pussy. I've rarely seen such a nice pussy. This girl should absolutely be hairless at any time.
Well with a massage like that I am suprised Sian does not have a bigger smile on her face! I will have to ensure that my bride receives the same treatment.
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Vous n’aurez qu’une envie après avoir vu la ravissante Sian, épilée à la perfection, se faire masser avec de l’huile en toute intimité : vous faire masser à votre tour !

Vous craquerez devant cette superbe Sian allongée sur la planche de massage, chaque centimètre de sa peau nue et dorée étant parfaitement huilé. Et lorsque vous verrez la masseuse oeuvrer avec ses mains habiles et glissantes sur le corps ferme et dans les recoins les plus intimes, vous en perdrez le nord !

Régalez-vous en regardant le corps svelte de Sian très réceptif aux caresses délicates et au toucher intime. Vous aurez mal au coeur en voyant ce massage prendre fin que vous aimeriez voir se poursuivre à vie !

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