Vika Gets Oiled

March 23, 2003
Slick and Shiny

In honor of Vika Week, we are posting a gorgeous film starring the equally gorgeous Vika.

And yes, she's getting oiled! This extremely sexy shoot shows her lubing herself from head to toe, sharing her pleasure with her beloved viewers, exposing everything an eager girl should.

Get ready for some greasy Vika!

  • Runtime: 2:54 Minutes
  • Format:
    • SD 576p (28 MB)
    • SD 480p (13 MB)
    • SD 360p (7.3 MB)

Members' Comments

Holy Shit !
Vika is the all time most beautiful young woman on Hegre without doubt. This video is Ultra Hot. Such a shame it was done before HD video was available.
Vika You Animal!
Simply enchanting. Vika is one of Hegre's sexiest best--killer body, beautiful smile, sensuous touch. Makes me want to dip myself in warm oil and massage her all over.
Vika Gets Oiled
Excelente me a encantado
A beautiful woman. Well filmed and highly erotic, never letting the viewer see enough and at the same time giving the impression that Vika is a sensual, erotic and stunning cat!
Beautiful Girl!!!
I could watch this girl for hours, and she wouldn't have to move an inch.
She is very beautiful, and its very erotic. I would like to see her getting herself off more. She is a 10. Perhaps give her a dildo next time.- cheers, great work.
More Vika Please!!
This short film has it all: a beautiful girl, a great idea, and slow, sensuous movement. These factors combined with the perfect music makes this film a 10.
Hot body!
I agree with Francisco that Vika should have moved more. However, that is my only complaint. I loved seeing her fondle herself. I especially liked when she caressed her butt at the end.
Really great girl ...
Very pretty girl with great body, 2* star for that, the theme is very interesting, there is nothing better then imagine to oil that girl all over, for that is more 1* star. But there is no movement, we see that the girl is sexy, but ... it's missing something, pereps more sexy movements, more touching, or more oil (just kidding). P.S.: Sorry about my english.
When i do this in front of my husband it drives him wild, this site has improved our sex life no end.
This film is a 10+!!! Keep up the good work. and moor oil PLEASE!!!
liquid perfection
watching vika slide down the cushions of that couch was to watch the beauty of a stream cascade down a mountain. vika is a goddess. i feel wonderful just knowing that there is a girl out there like her.
Vika-of course
Vika is one of those rare examples of physical beauty that we mere mortals seldom encounter. She is a Masterpiece of Nature- one who seems to be at ease with her physical gifts. What continues to impress is how changeable her visage becomes with each photo session or film. My delight is ineffable. Vika I worship you, thank you for being born.. Oh, and Petter thank you for being an example of Kant's Categorical Imperative.