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Anais Photo Session

August 21, 2007
Bedroom Secrets

Confident and supremely feminine the camera just loves our chic Parisian model Anais. And this girl knows how to perform for maximum heart stopping effect!

Dressed in only a flimsy slip, join Anais in the privacy of her bedroom. Slowly and gently she caresses her body, lifting the pearl grey material just a little bit at a time teasing you more and more.

Watch and enjoy as the camera slowly pans up and down her graceful limbs and soft curves. Anais has eyes that can melt hearts and when she gazes at you with those big baby blues you’ll be put under her spell.

Naked and sensual. Elegant and refined. Anais is one of a kind. Enjoy her exclusive film debut.

  • Runtime: 3:44 Minutes
  • Format:
    • Large 720p (49 MB)
    • Medium 576p (19 MB)

Members' Comments

ANAIS; You have an amazing gorgeous body!!!. when you turned around and showed your hot sexy butt, I knew that and there, I was under your spell. Your sexy eyes melted my heart. You are truly a great model. I need to see more of your sexy body, please make more video's soon. Thank you.
Anais ....
Anais reminds me of Anais Nin. It is not just her name but her style. This short film captures and woman confident in herself, her body, and her sexuality. I really enjoyed this film and I hope to see more of this Anais.
I under-estimated this model from her galleries - she is absolutely beautiful and SO sensual. And it's true about those eyes.