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リンダ・L インド洋 | Aug 28, 2007

プレータイム: 7:14分

a clear proof why Linda L is one of the top (the top?) models of this site.
Linda L
If you look like that, you have an obligation to take your close off in a public way.
Linda L is a 10+
Perfect in every regard! Face, hair, breast, hairy puss, ass, skin ... you name it! You need more like Linda L and less of your other skinny, flat chested, pale shaven puss models you've been using a lot of lately.
Linda L. Indian Ocean
Thank you, Linda, for sharing your immense beauty and grace and also your intimacy with us, and congratulations to Petter Hegre for presenting this crown jewel of creation in his new masterpiece of art.
Linda- Indian Ocean Mermaid
Linda is a very beautiful girl, with an exquisite body and face. The combination of the music and setting complement her beauty well. Highly erotic. Thank you.
This is a very erotic film. The composition is great and she has fantastic breasts.
Has the Herge staff been reading my mind? This is exactly what I wanted in a Linda video. More like this, please.
linda is just spectacular,and she has the most incredible breasts,a beautiful woman with fantastic curves.
Linda is the reason i got a membership!
Linda has the most perfect body, and it's those breasts which are just amazing! The water glistens against here smooth curves so heavenly. 5 out of 5!
Linda L Indian Ocean
Awesome video. Awesome girl. Over and over again I'll watch this video.
In love with LL
Completely unabashed and uninhibited, this beauty is a rare find. Lucky us!
unbelievable is Linda,perfection, truly a goddess, she is blessed
Oh my God!
I'm a 40 year old man and I've seen and been with many women, so it is really amazing to me when a woman can be so beautiful that she literally makes me forget to breath.
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