Mirta Whip Cream | Sep 11, 2007

Playing Time: 5:02 Minutes
Members' Comments

I saw this and thought it was so wonderful. Then I stumbled across the Snapshot photos and saw the behind the scenes stuff and now I love it even more! Please keep doing the 'behind the scenes' stuff - it's brilliant! And - more Mirta!
So… so… perfect !
Oh gosh, just so deeply hypnotizing… Mirta, it isn't the fact that you're naked, you could mesmerize people only with your beautiful eyes & expression you have… if mermaids did exist, we have a direct descendant here ;)
...her performance is amazing as allways! and i would do definitely a lot to meet her personaly(!!!) but if she considers "gilette" shaving foam as whipped cream what would be on top of her cappuchino?!:-) kindest&with love, Florian
sexy,erotic,magnificent,mirta ia a true beauty.
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Was there ever a girl as effortlessly sexy as Mirta? Some girls have to work at it but for Mirta, sex appeal just oozes from her every pore quite naturally!

With that mischievous look in her eye and a naughty smile Mirta intends to show you some love in this ultra-sexy new film. Enjoy watching Mirta as she gives you your very own private dance – with whipped cream included of course!

You cannot fail to be excited by Mirta’s erotic performance. Don’t miss the return of this seductive little minx!

Models in this film:


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