Evi Enduite de crème | Oct 09, 2007

Durée : 6:10 Minutes
Commentaires des Membres

However belated...INCOMPARABLY EXQUISITE! To paraphrase PRINCE: "Nothing compares...NOTHING compares to YOU!" Recommended viewing (for women 18+) by the HEGRE-ART* members' guild for the PROPER CARE and PRESERVATION of the PUSSY (P-CAPP). (*Non-sanctioned!) Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!
Evi creamed (video)
To all you budding gourmets out there, Evi shows us something a million times more tasty than peaches or strawberries on which to put cream.
Very enjoyable Evie thanks! From the previous comments, looks like many members appreciate the bit edgier areas on your site. I know I do, and thanks for bringing back Tina, as a returning member after years away, I was looking forward to seeing her eroticism again. As you mentioned in your "warning credits" Tina obviously enjoyed making the film as did Evi here, and I see no reason they should not be available on your site. Cheers for bucking the critics!
evi creamed
I loved the way she stroked her gorgeous pussy and gave me a movement of pleasure too. Thank you Evi for the creamy massage of a lovely and soft intimate part of your arousing body
You are a wicked little Miss but so gorgeous. Ravishingly gorgeous and I am so obsessed.
Again up Evi cream
Still some consideration on the tape Ages cream, especially around second part, when for the second time Ages it covers his/her pussy with the cream. it gently prepares her/it before on the hood of the clitoris and then it goes down to also put back her/it on the great lips of the pussy and after this, it massages his pussy distributing uniformemmente the cream on the whole pussy, massaging her to the left from right, from the tall one to the lower part, tightening and it raises upward entirely his pussy, showing all of hisfleshness, polposity,soffiticity,, carnal and erotic freshness, showing so a masterpiece of handling of the pussy, that stretches then and it stretches in width and in length continually massaging her thin to a complete integration of the cream with the meat of the pussy. Splendid also when, doing this, it tightens his language among the teeth among the teeth, underlining the eroticism of the action and when at the end it winks with the eyes involving him spectator in an erotic complicity that gives the maximum pleasure. Splendid film and splendid Evi
Creamy, creamy.....EVI....Magnificent.Magnfico.Magnificent.I have finally found what I have always looked for, A pussy always in the foreground, in closeup, and that pussy.what a full pussy and that abundant pussy, soft, fleshy, pulpy, soft and as she knows her to handle well EVI his pussy. A film masterpiece. I would have wanted to be his hands and his fingers, its finger announces that rubs the small ones and the great lips, the hood of the clitoris and the clitoris same and it surrounds his pussy with movements showing all of his extension and his depth .Skilfull EVI, must do always this way. you have a marvelous pussy.How beautiful it would be to always be with You while you are handling Your pussy.
I prefare my oysters au naturel with a crisp white wine. Yours lustfully Laurie.
evi creamed
Evi, you have a sexy face and what a joy to watch you cream uncream and massage your mobile pussy. Thanks for the magic moments and for the pleasure you give
Thank you!
Evi you never let your fans down. I have been downloading all of your videos and with each video I become more hooked on you. Thanks for the sexy yet fun video.
A girl playing with her pussy, a feast for men eyes. Thank you Evi
The kinda pussy you sink your face into! Cream and all...
I Love You EVI!!!
wow, wonderful pussy, nice to look !
Best ever
The music is great. Evi is wonderful. I simply loved the way she played with the cream! There is a wildness in her that is difficult to explain.
Best model. Best song. Best Movie...EVER.
Creamy Dreamy Evi
I soo hope she will enter the Mr Right. Just WOW I am beyond speachless.
evi is just amazing,i did not breathe or blink during the duration of this film,she just continues to get more and more beautiful,an undeniable goddess.
just one word... HOT! :))
Wow - This is awesome stuff, what a girl Evi is.
Very, very, very erotic. Well done to Evi!
Evi Creamy
Oh she makes my heart beat so fast. This is hot!
Wow! Sexy is not a strong enough word for this one. Evi is a goddess.
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Evi la crémeuse et rêveuse

Svelte, blonde et dotée d’un corps taillé dans le marbre, Evi fait un retour attendu dans ce film hebdomadaire qui ne peut être décrit que par un mot : torride !

Regardez Evi se passer amoureusement de la crème hydratante sur les parties les plus intimes de son corps. Regardez-la se caresser délicatement tout en s’assurant d’être bien douce de la tête aux pieds. Evi jouit vraiment des sensations produites par son petit jeu et vous ferez de même !

Vous ne pouvez pas laisser passer cette chance de voir cette nana sexy, sublime et sensuelle prendre soin de son corps à ce point !

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