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Jula Body Perfect

November 13, 2007
Sculptured To Perfection

With a body that looks likes it was designed by a master sculptor, new model Jula is truly a sight to behold.

Pull up a chair sit back and admire this beautiful work of art as Jula makes her Hegre-Art film debut. Her lightly bronzed skin is oiled to perfection, slickly highlighting those awesome curves and elegant contours. The camera traces her glorious female form paying attention to every inch of this feminine beauty and allowing you to get closer to this living goddess.

Jula’s photographic debut was met with much approval. This film allows you to get to know Jula a little bit more intimately.

  • Runtime: 4:18 Minutes
  • Format:
    • HD 720p (38 MB)
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Members' Comments

honest smiling eyes
on such a small platform, with such a perfect goddess body all tension is released with a greatest honest smile in the end.
just perfect, what a wonderful body to study.
Sculpted Perfection
Jula's body is a pure work of art! What a masterpiece! I wonder if she realizes how beautiful this film is! This is a contribution to the world of art! When art students study the nude in class and have to draw or paint the nude, Jula is the model that should be standing there in all her perfect glory as the perfect example of the nude!
oh my god this is the most amazing video i have ever seen! u have no idea how many times i watch this video over and over, this definitely makes my membership worth it!!!!
Truly a perfect body, but once again, as in most of the videos, there is too much camera movement, too much zooming, panning and too many close-ups. Jula is one of the few models who actually knows how to move. A continuous middle distance shot of her moving would have been much more enticing, giving us time to concentrate on her, instead of being distracted by sudden zoom.
just perfect,jula is an incredibly beautiful woman.
Finally, a true Goddess, in every sense of the word. Even Amandine is somewhat paled before this absolute gorgeous woman. Stunning, sensual, full of beauty and erotism, Jula is the best performer of hegre-art. Period. Is there any way I can send her gifts in order to show my appreciation?
Hot - Hotter - Jula!!
Her pictures taken by you during your travel to Kiev (series name "Kiev means streak city") are amazing, but this movie clip tops it off. This woman is breathtaking! Thank you so much, Petter!