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A Day In The Life Of Olena O | Dec 04, 2007

Playing Time: 6:27 Minutes
Members' Comments

Esta nena esta muy bien pero es más sosa que un bocata pelos.
i can't get enough of Olena O in this film, please tell me your releasing more films staring her in the near future?
Olena. My god shes lust!!!!! I love her.
Re: hot girl, boring video. I disagree. I did not find her very attractive before watching this video. I like seeing models at "home", and Olena definitely comes off well in live film. This is way sexier, for me, than a movie with a more beautiful girl shifting around self-consciously trying to look hot. I guess the point is that different models thrive in different mediums. The ketchup was a bit of a non-sequitur in a film about "everyday" things, but hot nonetheless. Maybe this should be a separate project!
Does she cover herself in ketchup like that all the time???!!!
Hot girl. Boring video.
So sexy, so beautiful. I love Olena.
so natural,so beautiful,olena is just so hot,i look forward to seeing alot more of this fantastic young woman.
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Hang Out With Olena

An instant hit when she burst onto with her edgy appearance and provocative attitude, the über cool Olena O makes a stunning film debut this week.

Spend the day with Olena as she wanders her flat naked; deciding what to wear in the bedroom, eating in the kitchen and showering in the bathroom. You get to enjoy watching this wildcat model in the privacy of her own home as the camera captures the intimate moments in her life.

An up-close and personal kind of film, we know that you are just going to love getting to know Olena that little bit more!

Models in this film:


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