Angelica Anna S Paulina Shower ... | Jan 22, 2008

Playing Time: 4:58 Minutes
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Top notch video!!! Perfect!!!
Love these three ladies lathering up and showering so much my emotions were overwhelmed! It really got a rise out of me!
ANNA # 1
this is the film that is featuring likely the three most gorgeous girls of this site. They appear together in grand total of 16 photo sets (in two with another stunning model Linda L), where you can nicely explore their differences and strengths/weaknesses. Overall, Paulina comes on top, with Anna S the second, and Angelica the third, but the differences are really miniscule. This is somewhat surprising as initially, at first glance, Angelica and Anna S appear much stronger, but Paulina does slowly and steadily gets under your skin; she is truly irresistible.
A feast for the eyes complete with appetizer, main course, and finally dessert! ;)
Three times the fun
There is only one thing I love more than seeing a gorgeous naked woman soaping up in the shower, and that is three gorgeous naked women in the shower. It was certainly enough to get the blood racing.
Warming up a winter's day
Petter, I really like your films. But this film I love! Anna S is a dream come true in every sense of the word. Add in the other two spectacular beauties, also my favorites, and this film depicts a heaven that I would like to visit and inhabit forever.
This is heaven.
divine trio
simply fantastic,loved every minute of this film.
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Three Times The Fun

Who wouldn’t want to take a shower with one of our gorgeous models?

Well you are in luck! This week we are raising the temperature several notches with this hot new film featuring not one, not two, but THREE of our gorgeous Hegre Girls showering together!

Life doesn’t get much better than being invited to join Angelica, Anna S and Paulina as they enjoy three-girl fun in the shower. Watch as the girls expertly soap each other up, making sure they don’t miss all those lovely intimate places.

Three beautiful girls enjoying soapy, wet fun – this film really is a dream come true!


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