Ira Sofá Azul | Jan 29, 2008

Duración: 6:26 Minutos
Comentarios de los Miembros

Another lovely video! Ira is literally indeed, petite perfection!
What a Doll!
Ira is a doll. Her face is so cute and her petite body so hot. I love the way she touches her breasts and cunt in this film. It's delightfully erotic to watch as she plays and moves for the camera. I'd love to see Ira masturbate until she cums for the camera.
Ira is the best model on this site by a long way. All of her videos just make you want more and more. Please give her more work petter. especially ones like the blue couch. wow.
Ira Blue Couch
Ira makes a man want to go out and buy several Blue Couchs :)
Incredibly, the music, the edition, gorgeus, the girl is perfect, brilliant skin, perfect body, greeeeetings! this is art in nude.
Ira blue couch (video)
Totally delicious. Superbly filmed. BRILLIANT.
Wonderful shots of her playing with her lovely pussy lips.
Wonderful just wonderful. Thank you. Magoo4
IRA Pink Folds
This is a wonderful video, Peter. You captured Ira's moist protruding lips perfectly from 3:35 to 3:42, and they look absolutely gorgeous swollen from 4:27 onwards. One can easily imagine tracing those pink folds lovingly with the tongue... Gorgeous!
Ira Blue Couch
A model who is not afraid to spread her legs and show us herself, rubbing her vagina, and it appears, she wants to insert a finger. She has lovely protruding lips (I don't mean her mouth) that just long to be played with. Very Nice!
what a delightfully sensuous little minx.please ira dont mess with the breasts your perfect as you are.
ira blue couch
very nice but please take it farther a woman pleasing herself is beautiful especially when it is done in a realistic fashion
Ira is the BEST
said it all
breath taking
and beautiful.
It took a couple of days
I downloaded Ira on Blue Couch on Tuesday. This afternoon I got a chance to actually see the film. Lovely girl, great film, and one of the best short films Petter has ever done. You really do have the best site, the best photography, and the best films on the entire World Wide Web. Ira has won me over. Petter is still the Master.
I wondered how hot it could get --- anyone got some ice cubes? Wow!
Cute as a button but smoldering hot as well!
ira on blue couch
Ira looked great in photo shoots, it's even better to see her in motion.
awesome,ira is spectacular,she is an incredible woman,with an incredible body,and she is so comfortable infront of the camera.11/10
Too bad Peter couldn't recruit anyone to help Ira apply the oil. Can I volunteer?
Lovely girl and beautiful camera work. I like thwee way the film is at a slow sensual pace. More! Please but Brere on the blue couch too.
Lovely Ira
Wow. It sure is nice to see her in motion. Such a doll, and she likes the camera, for sure. More like this!
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Perfección en miniatura

Disfruta del debut de nuestra nueva modelo Ira en este calientísimo nuevo film.

Menudita y perfecta, rebosante de atractivo sexual, Ira te invita a que la veas cubrir esa magnífica y suave piel suya con aceite para bebé.

Hay chicas a quienes les gusta y les parece natural salir desnudas ante la cámara, e Ira se siente perfectamente a sus anchas mientras recorre todo su cuerpo con sus dedos húmedos.

¡Libre y sin complejos, Ira se abandona a sus deseos más íntimos!

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