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Nika Sauna | Feb 05, 2008

Playing Time: 5:04 Minutes
Members' Comments

Amazing Body. Her eyes and lips are captivating; both sets mind you you. Great work!
Juste envie de me retrouver enfermé au sauna avec Nika mon sexe enserré dans le sien...
Pure hedonism beautifully filmed. Laurie.
great pictures of the wet body of a glorious girl; the curves move me and the fingered pussy is so wonderfully photographed.Thanks for the pleasure of the moment
says yummmmy
seconds, thirds, and fourths
still enjoying this one weekly....the glistening skin and the motion are almost too much to bear!
hose me down
this is one hot movie - perfect balance between erotic and artful. and sooooooooo hot
My glasses began to fog about halfway through. Can you tell me what happens in the end.
That was almost too intense to watch!
She is roasted to perfection. Her glistening bod is so sensual as she massages herself.
Oh this really is hot. She is awesome.
nika sweats
me sweat, too...
nika is an absolute knockout.
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If You Can’t Stand The Heat…

Nika raises the temperature this week in a sizzling new movie that is certain to get you hot under the collar!

Relax with Nika as she reclines in the sauna and enjoy the view as her thoughts turn as hot and steamy as the sauna itself. We can’t know for sure what Nika is thinking about as she caresses those perfect curves of hers. But we’re pretty sure it involves whole lot of fun!

Seriously sexy and oh so hot, why not join Nika for a naked sauna?

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