Nika Black Lingerie

May 13, 2008
Sensual Striptease

Some girls were born to be in front of a camera - and Nika is one of those girls! This sexy kitten is a natural and takes great pleasure in teasing the camera.

So enjoy the view as Nika performs the ultimate seductive striptease. But be warned - this is truly hot stuff and should come with a health warning!

Nika knows just how to please your senses and will drive you wild with her feline grace as she slowly removes her sheer, black lingerie. And when she fixes you with her expressive eyes and lures you into her sensual world... well we did warn you!

Sensual, beautiful and nothing short of mesmerizing, this is a private dance you will never forget!

  • Runtime: 5:25 Minutes
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Members' Comments

Wow, that definitely was dangerous. Have a good one, Veronika.
This girls sensuality is so ethereal it evokes all the senses. I swear I can smell the natural fragrance of a girl in a state of arousal. Laurie
Very Erotic
I can't put my finger on it, I can't explain what makes it so, but this is a very very erotic film. Two thumbs up!
Nika Black Lingerie
Wow, hot stuff from the svelte sensuous sexy Nika. Yes she is any man's dream come true.
Although, IMHO, the thigh highs should be the LAST to go!!!
You have made her more confident, relaxed and sexy. Now that I'm captivated, I look forward to your next presentation of Nika.
nika is outstanding.
I and rest of the guys on the planet earth will envy the man who marries Veronika . :)