Ira Lit de roses | Jun 17, 2008

Durée : 7:13 Minutes
Commentaires des Membres

nice body
ira i love you , very sexy
Where has Ira gone. I would love to see more of her again.
Ira bed of roses (video)
This beautiful uninhibited girl and superb photography give substance to the phrase 'A bed of Roses'. A REAL JOY TO BEHOLD
I think Ira is the most beautiful woman on the net today. Thank you Petter. Paul Mcg
Lovely Ira
I love Ira. She is the most lovely girl i ever have seen. She is the reason that i joined your site. Please more of Ira in the future. Thanks.
She has the sweetest little labia minora I've seen in a long time. Ohfor a nibble...
An excellent video. I like the way she freely spreads her legs and shares her vulva and anus with us. Her anus is like a little rosebud. Her protruding pussy lips are like flower pedals. I love the way she gently strokes her pussy. This is very erotic.
Breathtaking video - I'm in love. :)
Ira bed of Roses
Ira bed of Roses. This is another film masterpiece.The pussy is always well framed and the close-ups of it don't be saved.Stupemndes are the sequences in which Ira caresses the pusy and the hood of the clitoris with delicate touches, soft, continuous, aehead and backi, thin to open the hood of the clotoride. I am really marvelous scenes. When however Ira widens the hood of the clitoris and caresses it, she would have had to caress it and to widen it up to masturbate, so she would have completed the visual exposure of his pussy and concluded so in greatness the tape. However this stays a film masterpiece with as much and so much pussy. I love the movies whit much and much pussy and the pussy pfIra is truely wonderfull
She looks like a little, angelic porcelain doll :-)
Petter, can't stop looking at IRA. She is the reason I joined this site. Please, much more of IRA in the future. Thanks again. Magoo4
Petter, just new to your site and I must say that IRA is the most beautiful woman on your site so far. Please, much more. Thanks, Magoo4
Ira, WOW! Petter, WOW
Petter, this isn't the normal type of video I'm used to seeing on your site, although I'm new. I can definitely appreciate such loveliness and such sensual touching. I thank you for not crossing the line that you have worked so hard to preserve, really showing us that beautiful nudes like all of your girls and pictures are the cream of the crop. Keep up the awesome work you and your models do. Ira, you really gave an intimate show in this video, and it was wonderful. Your eyes stole the show.
Ira simply looks delicsious.
So beautiful!
Wow, Ira has to be the most mezmerizing woman I have ever seen! Oh to be able to meet her and worship her body and fall into those eyes!
that was A LOT of fun to watch. Thanks, Ira, for being "touching."
Beautiful blue eyes, outstanding perky nipples, gorgeous shaved pink pussy and the cutest butt hole I have ever seen. I could look at that butt hole for the rest of my life and be happy
film 267
What a showstopper! More-more-more Thanks Bob
I give Ira a 10!
Ira is very sexy and a beautiful wet shaved pink pussy!
Totally hot and the new flash version is really cool. Ira on full screen mmmmmmmmm!!! What a babe.
Never before
I have not something so sexy and so beautiful in my life ever....of course I voted 10 !!!! and I wish it becomes the most popular film on this site ever....
i`m in complete awe of this outstandingly beautiful woman, ira is just amazing.
Ira on a bed of Roses
If only every boy & girl had a playmate like Ira then what a wonderful world this would be!!! Great video and Ira is wonderfully naughty!
This is a good one, I like it !!
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Doux rêves érotiques

Certains diront que la vie est tout sauf un lit de rose,s pourtant l’équipe de Hegre-Art dit tout le contraire !

Pourquoi ? Parce que cette semaine vous allez vous réveiller avec Ira dans votre lit, une des petites préférées des membres. Et il nous apparaît évident qu’à l’instant même où elle ouvre les yeux et étire son corps menu et parfait, Ira est d’humeur joueuse et charnelle !

Jouissant de la sensation de bonheur de ce corps nu qui est le sien, nous avons du mal à imaginer ce à quoi Ira rêvasse. Peu importe, ça semble plus qu’agréable car elle se caresse délicatement en des recoins intimes et s’en trémousse de plaisir et de joie !

Ira est si sensuelle, délicieuse, sexy, à vous en donner un mal de tête - bref c’est le genre de film qui vous en bouchera un coin !

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