Mia Studio Session

July 1, 2008
Model Perfection

Gorgeous and petite blonde Mia makes a welcome return in this weeks’ new film!

Sometimes the simplest things in life are the best and this week’s movie is perfect proof of that fact. Here we give you Mia – no frills, no gimmicks – simply a beautiful naked girl in a studio.

Mia’s natural God-given beauty, her perfectly pert breasts and silky soft skin are all that is required. This exquisite model just oozes sensuality and sexuality. And as the camera caresses Mia’s soft curves you will be reminded of just what an amazing thing the perfect female form is…

Simply beautiful - Mia has a face and body that you will want to look at again and again!

  • Runtime: 3:58 Minutes
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Members' Comments

a very beautiful girl
What a total sweetie. Mia is everything you could ask for.
The is a perfect example of how sometimes the simplest things in life are the best. This video is really what it is all about. Just a beautiful naked girl sharing her beauty with you. Completely nude in every sense of the word, is this not the most honest, natural and best way to truly appreciate the beauty of a woman? Just a wonderful, beautiful and simple film!
nice very fresh !
Mia is so beautiful. Pleas more of MIA.Thanks Petter. MAGOO4
So beautiful and sexy. Her face is pure perfection.
The face of an angel..........attached to a wondrous body.