Muriel FKK Strand

August 5, 2008
Sexy Sommer

Machen Sie sich gefasst auf einen superheißen Tag am Strand mit der sensationellen Muriel.

Stellen Sie sich vor, Sie liegen am goldfarbenen Strand und lassen sich die Sonne auf die Haut scheinen.
Der Himmel ist blau, Sie können in der Nähe das Geräusch der leichten Brandung vernehmen und genau vor Ihnen liegt Muriel - völlig nackt, ausgestreckt im Sand. Sie meinen im Paradies gelandet zu sein!

Gebießen Sie also Ihren Tag am Strand mit Muriel, die sich ihre knackigen Brüste mit Sonnenmilch einkremt, um sich dann genüsslich den Sonnenstrahlen hinzugeben. Und vergessen Sie nicht, ihr danach ans Wasser zu folgen, wo sie noch eine Runde joggt, und wobei bei ihr natürlich alles ins Wippen kommt...!

Sexy, sommerlich und sehr sehr heiß - Muriel ist die ultimative FKK-Badenixe!

  • Runtime: 9:22 Minuten
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Wow i am glad the camera man showed the bottom half of this model
I am glad the camera man finally showed the bottom half of this model.. He usually only focus on her breast and face..
Muriel & ice cream
I'd love to lick that ice cream from her delicious boobs ...
Revisiting this extraordinary film after some time, I appreciate it more now. In this film, as in any video or photo spread of Muriel, I am overwhelmed by the beauty and voluptuousness of her tits. Muriel's tit-bouncing walk to the beach is a fantastic opener. I had forgotten that she runs on the beach, at 3:20. Look how those tits bounce! Very bouncy jog indeed! Look at 3:34 as she sits back: Great full tit shot. So full they are! Wonderful tit jiggling again at 737-753 when she gets up to get her ice cream. On the cunt and butt front, Muriel has thankfully pulled off her swimsuit bottom early in the film at only 0:37 (Good Girl Muriel!). The film has several good looks at Muriel's luscious hairy cunt. Snatches, if you will, of the thick wanting lips, recur from 340-441 and again at 624-716. I always prefer straight on cunt and butt crack looks, so for my money, the best cunt view is at 340 with a straight on cunt lip look with her butt-crack sneaking in beneath. I am equally enamored of Muriel's butt as I am of her tits, and in this regard, the the film is perhaps a bit "in arrears in one aspect." I would have just loved to see Muriel roll over onto her front on the beach and show her tanning her bare-naked butt. Then film her straight on from behind as she raises her butt slowly in the air arching her back and gets onto her knees. Alas it was not to be, and this is perhaps explains my earlier disappointment in the film. Seeing it again though, I thoroughly enjoy the butt views there are from 252-303 and especially the delightful butt look as Muriel walks to the ice-cream stand at 753-807. As always Thank you Muriel and Petter! What a lucky joy to see you nude!
wonder where she kept her money?lol
Reminds me of those Europrean comedies from the sixties feauturing gorgeous natural breasted voluptuous starlets. Muriel, Muriel, Muriel you nymph of the white sandy beach
This looks like a beautiful beach- could anyone tell me where it is? TA
RE: Where???
This beach is in Sitges in the province of Barcelona some 40km down the coast from the city.
A perfect dream
I mean, already the way Muriel comes down that stone entrance way to the beach – I mean, can you imagine, your sitting at the beach, just a little bored, and then you see that lovely scene of Muriel coming down to the beach, closer and closer to were you are sitting! I mean so much beauty almost hurts if you can’t be there to enjoy it live. I guess Muriel’s body is nature in perfection! Thank you Eddie
muriel film
Great film of this gorgeous girl and i'm pleased to see 'the dude' from the travel report didn't make it to the final cut!!
Muriel nude beach
No se cuantas veces he visto hoy este 'movie' y es que no me canso de verlo una y otra vez. Es de esas películas que .como 'Orange' de Luba y otras, quedan grabadas en la mente de una manera indeleble que no borra el tiempo. Gracias, Peter, por hacernos felices una vez más.
Muriel eating Choc Bomb
Love Muriel ...... and love the Choc Bomb too. Holy heck, what a combination!!! Good one Petter