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アンナ・S シェービン... | Sep 16, 2008

プレータイム: 8:42分

Great job everyone! Jut needed a few more close-up shots of you know what! Anna has it going on!!!
Anna S shaving
The title was a bit of a 'give-away' as there are not that many 'places of interest' that a lady shaves BUT WOW! What a mouth-watering and generous surprise. If I could spell magnificent I would say that, instead I'll shout it MAGNIFICENT!
Just terrific
This film was worth the membership fee in itself!
Perfect! Just perfect! Petter, consider yourself happy to have such a dream working with you! Anna, be happy for the fact to have found an artist who brings out your beauty to the utmost!
Private Moments
Very, very sensual without being overtly sexual - really beautiful. One of the best.
Everything perfect! It´s such a beautiful girl with an amazing body. Never seen those wonderful breasts!
Anna S, Private moment
It was impossible that Petter didn't make a film to the heigth of his cleverness. The film of Assa S, shiving is another masterpiece.The pussy is framed in all of its beauty, both when Ann soaps her, both when she rinses her. And here the images are a more beautiful than the other.The pussy has shown in all of its free carnal lucidity, smooth, damp, almost marmoreal, it seems a pearl, and when water goes down from the pipe to rinse her it seems a pearl, and when water goes down from the pipe to rinse her, it seems of to be present to the throw of a source that produces a brook of life that goes out and it goes down from the pussy, as the water of a source of mountain gushes out and gushes up to form a brook that goes down for the valley the valley of the thigh of Ann S. Really a film thatenraptured me and it satisfies me in inexpressible way.
Apology of Petter Hegre
After having seen Ann s. hot tibe, Ann S. table is set, Evi german muses, Evi glass stage, Evi bed scenes, Ann S shaving I am not able whether to consider Petter Hegre a great artist of the female nude.I have never seen so beautiful films and erotic contained. Eroticism not exit never in the bad taste. Always balanced and exact, him know to make sweet, harmonious and poetic romantic the female nude. I would want so much to thank him for his filmses.Never stops doing of it.
Anna S film
Oh my! I would have helped with all of that.
Anna S
Gorgeous, beautiful and sexy. delightful.
I just watched this in full screen. These new flash films are great! Anna is so sweet.
Absolutely the best film ever!!!
completely uninhibited,absolute perfection,anna is just the most beautiful thing i have ever seen,awesome movie.
Well,I must say,that was an unexpected pleasure!!! Thank you Petter,and,thank you,Anna!!!
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