Thea Besucht die Mätresse Cind... | Sep 23, 2008

Spieldauer: 8:07 Minuten

I was involved in BDSM with a vicious, though at the time I considered an attractive Domme. I found they are at least as artificial as anyone you come across, most of them claim to have Uni degrees usually in English, necessary for their supposedly exceptional communication skills, or Psychology, which makes them an expert in setting up scenes. They are very intolerant of people who don't fit into their ideology. A lot of fat, ugly and usually older women suddenly decide they are subs, just so that they get some physical attention, or become Dommes, hoping to attract a young and obviously brainless male, quite pathetic. Cindy is obviously a Transexual, just look at the hands in particular. Far from being Dark and Mysterious a lot of BDSM people are just plain boring. Because I was with her I went to quite a few gay parties, I am not gay, which are supposedly so incredible. They are just like any other party, people getting drunk and talking shit. BTW, if you got scratched by those things Cindy had on the hands I would suggest an immediate tetanus shot.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE more films like this one! This is great. Thanks so much.
one of the best!
i just love it!
Strong emotions with Thea!
Thea is always unbeatable, this films is plenty of thrilling emotions. I’m fond of Thea for her outstanding beauty and sweetness and she was able to mix in a wonderful way these her features with the dark side of this video: the outcome has been great.
love it
Hi all! I JUST joined this site today and WOW, this was the very first movie I've watched on here and am amazingly surprised! very beautiful and soooo erotic!!! I am loving it and looking forward to watch more :] (p.s. also, i might be wrong about this, but i think the music is kind of for the spa... ) but i still loved it and watched it twice already :] THANK YOU!
i agree with Maloney
It is a very good, very talented and very professionnal job. Simply congratulation. It is not only sexy, beautiful and is very well done. I would like to give an idea. Think to make a real movie, I mean a real one, of 90 minutes for the very best erotic movies as "Emmanuelle"...and so on. You will be very successful. Vincent, French Furniture designer.
Well done Petter! I hope to see Yanna in this type of film soon. Keep pushing the boundaries in a tasteful (but cruel) way and I'll be one of your staunchest allies!!
Cool Stuff
Darkly erotic and Thea's petite form is perfect for this role play. Is Thea into this kind of stuff then? !!
My tastes are more suited to the 'softer' films it has to be said but this is very good, very atmospheric. Sometimes it's good to shake things up. Thankyou.
Very very naughty (and hot)!
Ah poor Thea, she looks so sweet and vulnerable!! Or does she have a dark side? she certainly looks like she's enjoying that spanking! Oh to spank Thea....!!!!!
I don't believe people are saying this film needed a warning! For one it's called Thea Visiting Maitresse Cindy, for two : LOOK AT THE IMAGE!!! It's hardly going to be about a model attending an English garden tea party!! I loved it, very very cool! Well done Petter for something different. And Thea is as beautiful as ever.
love that stretching machine!!! im still not sure i dare visit her...but thanks for the link though :)
Bravo !!! Wish my basement was rigged like that.
I have always dreamt of visiting a Dominatrix. Now I am sure I am doing it.
Wow. This is weird stuff. But I kinda like it... Thanks for experimenting Petter. To make a trip to Cindy's dungeon go to
found it!!!
It was "Tina Temptress" put a warning on that one...maybe you should here,too?Just a thought!If people don't like it...DON'T LOOK AT IT!!!Peace out!
Like I said...
I don't object to it!But it IS different!you might want to make that clear!Like you did for another video that the name escapes me, and I cant find right now!But I remember that I referenced 'Evi creamed' in my comment on that one.
interesting movie,thea as always is magnificent.
Me too!
Please spare us with this crap! If I'd like to see this pervert stuff I'd have chosen a fetish site.
I guess I was wrong!!!
This is turning into quite the fetish site!!!You might want to put a warning label on this one!It is quite the acquired taste!(Not that I object to it...Quite the contrary!)
Thea visiting Mistress Cindy
Oh my God! MORE! MORE! MORE! This is one of you most exciting videos. Congratulations. largeformat
Brilliant! Just what the doctor ordered to cheer up my morning! More like this please, it was very very sexy.
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