Yanna Baño Caliente

December 16, 2008
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¿Hay algo más cachondo que compartir un baño con Yanna? ¡Debe ser uno de los máximos placeres de la vida!

Así que esta semana te la pasarás bomba con este nuevo y explosivo film protagonizado por Yanna, que se relaja con un baño calientito. Disfruta la vista de su cuerpo terso y firme e intenta adivinar qué pensamientos eróticos rondan su cabeza mientras se recuesta para soñar despierta.

Y después prepárate, porque Yanna podría hechizarte cuando se arrodille para dejar que la cámara acaricie sus nalgas perfectas y su tentadora cosita…

Seriamente sexy, y muy pero que muy caliente, ¿por qué no te unes a Yanna en la bañera?

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Comentarios de los Miembros

a quién no le gustaría bañarla de arriba a abajo?
She is shaved so smooth! Her clinically smooth vulva is the essence of femininity.
Pls set this as a template and brenchmark for all yr models....especially nika,anna s,luba,patricia....
The extreme close up of Yanna's pink anus and perfect pussy lips nearly killed me!! I don't know how much more I can take!!!! Way too hot!!!!!!
Juicy Yanna
I am astonished that none of her many fans have commented on her arousal and drizzly nectar. Are they suffering from myopia or just being discreet.
RE: Juicy Yanna
I am SO aroused by Laurie's comments alone! Because I imagine you are a sexy woman appreciating and commenting on these lovely models!
to Kevin
I would be a hypocrite if I said my wife couldn't do this!Petter's wife does it(luckily for us).I could live with it!Because I'm not gonna stop lookin at it!!!
Yanna hot bath
I would want my body to be made some water of the bath of Yanna....I would want my hands to be made some water of the bath of Yanna....I would want to be as the water of the bath of yanna, as this water covers, it slips, he caresses, it winds the body of Yanna...to cover her all, to caress her all, to wind her all with everything myself, to possess her everybody....to penetrate her all, as the water of its bath possesses all and it gently penetrates her all.
OMFG. This makes all of the other vids look tame. A work of art, Peter.
Best Yet!
This is the BEST Hegre Film I have seen YET!!! Great work! Very Hot! Excellent location, beautiful lighting, fabulous Yanna!
Good Lord. I'd class the last bit of that as 'scarily intimate' even though there are no body fluids that we can see (unlike other Yanna photo sets). I know that she is now married. Other subscribers, tell me, would you let your missus appear on this website (I'm supposing that your missus is as hot as Yanna). Kevin
surprisingly HOT!!!
I wondered how you were gonna make a girl just LYING in a bath NOT seem kinda monotonous!But,you did it!