Jenny Blanco

December 30, 2008
La Joya de Finlandia

Abrumadoramente bella, rubia y rebosante de atractivo sexual, la finlandesa Jenny fue un éxito instantáneo entre nuestros miembros desde que debutó con nosotros a principios de este mes.

Y aquí lo tenemos para tu gran deleite: el debut de Jenny en el cine, totalmente imprescindible. ¡Disfruta del show mientras esta gatita tan sexy coquetea y frunce los labios en representación de Finlandia!

Obsérvala mientras la cámara sube y baja por su magnífico cuerpo, acariciando cada una de sus curvas y deteniéndose en esas adorables partes íntimas. Jenny tiene un talento innato para lucirse ante la cámara, así que prepárate para ser seducido al instante.

Caliente, seductora y dotada con un cuerpo arrebatador, ¡ven a tutearte con Jenny!

  • Runtime: 9:05 Minutos
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Comentarios de los Miembros

Please let Jenny be a star for another video about shaving her sweet pussy, I will wait for that!
Jenny white (video)
So very sensuous, so very lovely, so very sexy AND I've developed a fanatical hatred of white cotton panties.
i'm floored by Jenny... and an awesome Crib.
thought i commented on this one already, oh well. catching up my comments today. woo-hoo! um yeah, i didn't breathe throughout that entire film... except to say, "oh my god, she is amazing!", about 983 times in 9 minutes. with the exception of Mrs. Hegre and her twin sister, i've never been so floored by a woman on this site before. i said, "oh my god, they are amazing!", about 1042 times during the film where the twins do their version of MTV Cribs (my very first intro to Luba, and the whole Hegre phenomenon, btw). so yeah, they still hold the record, but Jenny is tops too. i gotta mention, that was a sweet house they took us on a tour of. i'd sell my spleen to science to get my hands on a place like that! oh yeah, more Jenny! pleeease. forget Jenny week, we need Jenny month!
To DIE for...enough said.
WOW!!!! She is unbelievably hot!!!!!
Ange ou démon . . . ou peut être la réincarnation du Brigitte Bardot
Ange ou démon . . . ou peut être la réincarnation du Brigitte Bardot
Sexy Sweet Lips
Under blueblack chill; Ice crystal bright; Snowscape quietly still....Flaxen beauty pure; Snowdrop fragrant fresh; Ravishing pout allure.
very cute,very sexy,look forward to seeing alot more of this beautiful young woman
Hot Hot Honeypot
Stone the flipping crows she is magic.