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ニカ プライベートな... | Jan 06, 2009

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プレータイム: 7:25分


Nika; no make-up, no camera tricks, no "shop" techniques. 100% natural beauty... unbelievable. she makes even an ADD afflicted motor-mouth like myself shut-up, be still, and pay attention quietly and intently for 7+ minutes. she done the impossible! i really like her fingernails, btw, they match her lips. niiice!
Red hot!!!!
I've wondered before if nika has little implants and this video makes me pretty sure that's the case. They just have that round edge all the way around the top. Even still, they hardly detract from her beauty. She's unstoppable.
What a Special Girl
Simply beautiful. The last minute of the film had me on the edge of my seat, just loving the moisture and juices... She could certainly join in with Yanna and Patricia with just a little more exposure.
nika ia a beautiful woman,with a fantastic body.
ooohhh nika!!!
LOVE these "day in the life" type videos!
for the non-special
i fully agreed with luv...that someone is a lucky bastard...Anyway,if nika can do a little more at the end to slowly spread the pussy lips with finger for the closing chapter...it will be prefect!!! At lease for someone who are non-special...like all her great fans...
Nika is a wonderful girl! Apparently her "preparations ... for someone special" include getting herself wet and does not include putting any clothes on. That "someone" is a lucky bastard.
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彼女が引くしまった体を濡らしてシャワーを浴びるのを見てみよう。内股から水が垂れながら彼女は体を洗う - 時間をかけて完璧な粋な胸と丸いお尻を洗う彼女。そして彼女の君を知っているかのような目つきでみて心臓を止まらせる!





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