Théa Plage nudiste | Feb 10, 2009

Durée : 8:11 Minutes
Commentaires des Membres

This is breathtaking
Another remarkable piece by Petter Hegre. What I found a little bit disruptive visually in this otherwise erratic rhapsody about the beauty of nature was the rolling ship. The somewhat mere futility of man-made ideas in the face of these mighty elements, the sea, coast, human body trough enhanced the rhythm of the music after all. While not at least a major tribute goes to the "human body". Thea, nomen est omen you are truly divine, extraordinary beauty and without your flawless movements and intimate contact this movie would look like a cracked vase.
Yes, but she is no Anna S.!
Girly run
The run looks pretty girly to me but who cares, Thea is a stunning girl, how do those nipples stay so erect all the time? Love this video, beautifully shot in a great location and Thea looks stunning, great slender and athletic physiche, glorious tan, and those wonderful freckles and a delicious arse. Yum yum. Great work by all. Thanks
Great body!
What a body! And I agree with the previous poster, she runs like a pro. Delightful
snow sucks, i want to go to the beach!
you torture us Petter! it's the ass end of winter, and you gotta go and post a film of one the most amazing women on you have on your site, frolicking around nude on a beautiful tropical beach! low blow man, low blow. anyway, this video was a 10 at around 30 seconds in. Thea is pretty much on my automatic 10 list anyway. watching Thea run around on that amazing beach, playing tag with the waves (very cute, btw), lounging around in the sand, the colors of the beach blending so perfectly with the way Thea looks, easily makes this one of the best films you've ever done. even the music fit. the random shots of the boat were a nice touch. man, when she is looking into the camera towards the end, wow! i wonder what she was thinking at that moment? that girl can run! awesome. not one one those girly runs, but a real athletic run. she can move. i'm guessing she runs quite a bit, considering how lean she is. gotta get a bit crude for quick sec, but Thea probably has the most amazing nips i've ever seen! they could cut diamonds! i'm with everyone else, the freckles are stunning. pure natural beauty. even better though, the tattoo on her hip. i have a nearly identical tat on my right forearm, but it's green. Ohm!
LOVE the sand all over her,and the "Baywatch" slow-mo running!Didn't hate the music!lol
Awesome, it was like seeing a dream and it was like I was there with her, far from traffic, far from troubles, far from this cold morning. She's beautiful, sexy, and sweet. And this simply film is my favourite video of all times since the beginning of hegre site. Thanks Thea, and thanks Petter from this 36-years-old italian guy who follows this site from the very beginning ;-)
Beached Buttercup
Idyllic setting, lovely film, beautiful freckles and the most gorgeous nipples. A joy.
love the model please find different music
Oh, and I nearly forgot: the freckles are so very .... gorgeous
That's just really nice work. Great colors here: brown, muddy inshore water; green offshore water and the blue, stormy sky. This against the colors of the beach and eroded, rocky cliffs. Then Thea, whose colors work perfectly with the beach and cliffs. She's a very beautiful woman and a very good model.
Thea, you are so incredibly sexy, the expression on your face! I have no words. Let Petr dothe talking
thea is amazing
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Été sexy

Mettez-vous dans l’ambiance pour le retour des longues journées ensoleillées et paresseuses en vous joignant à Théa sur la plage.

Contemplez Théa qui admire le paysage naturel à couper le souffle autour d’elle. Regardez-la jouir du soleil alors qu’elle flâne nue le long de la plage sans se préoccuper de rien d’autre.

Théa décide ensuite de faire un petit jogging sur la plage afin d’entretenir son corps ferme et parfait. Une scène que vous ne pouvez manquer !

Les vacances parfaites – soleil, sable, mer et une belle fille nue – que demander de plus ?

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