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Gabriella und Marlene intim | Feb 24, 2009

Spieldauer: 14:20 Minuten

What is the music that plays in the background?
Extremely sexy
I love the setting of 2 women caressing and making ot good for eachoter, very erotic and sensual..
Perfect peaches!
Two of the most beautiful cunts I have ever seen - like two delicious peaches (though both, I notice, perfectly dry which - with the absence of any sign of orgasm - suggests that the girls weren't as much into each other as you might expect and hope). Incidentally, Gabriella's long fingernails would surely do severe damage to Marlene's lower lips if she really got carried away? I've several times been told off by my ladies when approaching their cunts with untrimmed nails. Sexually, alas, pretty unconvincing - but very beautiful all the same!
Oh oh...tutu !!!
Oh god...the scene is simply great and sexy; these girls are simply beutiful. I love the coffee bean on Gaby....HOOOOOTT !!!
LOVE the music. Love to have a CD of this music
Simply Stunning
To see two gorgeous women make love like this is so beautiful! Both girls shaved even Gabriella who has some pubic area in her solo shots! Then the soft kisses and the two just being sensual was so wonderful to see! Gabriella too could not even control herself as she had to masturbate before Marlene finally took control! Plus 10 rating I will say!!
Not so intimate
Gabriella seemed to be operating close to her personal limits. This was apparent whenever she had her hand on or near Marlene's pussy. She always kept her fingers stiff and her fingertips away from anything too intimate. This is especially obvious around 12 minutes when she has one hand on her own pussy and it's relaxed and conforms to her natural shape, while her other hand between Marlene's legs is barely in contact with Marlene's (presumably by now moist) soft folds. It's obvious by some of the massage videos that Hegre has no rules against completely intimate contact between two women, so he should try to select models who are equally relaxed about it in these videos.
More of Gabriella having Girl-Girl Sex
Would love to see more of Gabriella having sex with another girl.
Sublimely Sensuous
Deliciously hot - so fucking deliciously hot.
pls upload the photo set ASAP!!!
Marlene gets in front of the camera and great stuff happens. That's her first video shoot (at least the first published) and she's great. I can hardly believe she's never modeled before. Both models seemed very comfortable with and into the sex here, I like this one alot.
trans-Atlantic fusion!
Hôôôô wow... a brasilian woman (who was freshly silky smooth shaved, a delicious surprise for our eyes...) and the last model witch was discovered in France,my landscape... enjoying each other the perfection of woman body!!
Marlene is rad!
woo yeah, Marlene owns this video! had a feeling she would be amazing on film. absolutely get the impression she was wanting to take this one beyond just the erotic, and even went there a couple times. we need a Marlene week, this girl is awesome! Gabriella is a beauty, but she just seemed like she was along for the ride, only a few short times did she seem to rise to Marlene's intensity. solo shoots, or more "playful" type team-ups would seem to be more her style. imagine if Marlene is paired with a partner of equal intensity. Ira for example... nuclear explosion!
Wow, I hope these two lovely ladies team up again. Part of me hoped that they went a bit further but there is something to be said for "restraint." (I think =P) Well done.
Very nice video. Happening nothing, moving little. But Gabriella is much nicer with a little bit of hair.
Sublimely Sensuous
Gorgeous girls close to divine intimacy. With bated breath, in agonies of expectation I hoped Gabriella's luscious lips would seek out Marlene's pleasure pearl.
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Endlich ist es soweit – der Film, auf den wir alle gewartet haben und der mit einer Warnung vom Gesundheitsministerium erscheinen müsste! Unsere heißen neuen Models, Gabriella und Marlene, ließen sich bei ihren ganz intimen Sexspielchen filmen!

Genießen Sie den Anblick der beiden nackten Mädchen, wie sie sich eng umschlungen miteinander auf dem Bett wälzen und Marlene ihre kleinen festen Brüste an den üppigen Busen von Gabriella presst.

Die zierliche Marlene und die ultra-kurvige Gabriella vergessen die Kamera völlig und geben sich ganz in ihrem gemeinsamen Liebesspiel hin. So wie sich die Beiden lustvoll gegenseitig streicheln und küssen werden Sie sich wohl kaum zurückhalten können…

Unglaublich heiß – diesen Film dürfen Sie auf keinen Fall verpassen!


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