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Anna S Cómo se hizo la sesión... | May 12, 2009

Duración: 11:48 Minutos
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French Flics
... wouldn't ever arrest anybody for something beautiful like this shoot. Anna, you MUST come back to this site. Or start your own. I'd take pride in being the first subscriber.
This is one _HOT_ film! I liked to see Anna's tenssion and nervousness getting fully naked in public...
Goddam Anna. You have some serious courage and a bit of exhibitionism to you. Seemed very tense but it paid off! Awesome job!!
New Statue of Liberty (Statue de la Liberté)
Wonderful ! What a fantastic pictures !! I like this very much.
Audacity in Paris
For the third time I have watched this video. And erotic art cannot get any better than this! Anna´s obvious anxiety shows that she is not worn out and that - although being a successful nude model - some shoots are a real challenge to her. Thank you Anna and Petter and love to you all!
Anna and the Eiffel Towel
Watching this almost makes me weep with reverence! Anna´s human perfection next to Eiffel´s engineering perfection is a perfect fit! 10 points and more for that!
Beautiful Anna
Anna S was very nervous about getting caught when she was asked to do this shoot for us! She truly is one very beautiful and amazing lady! Thank you for taking the risk and letting us see what it takes to get those great pictures of Anna!
anna take a big risk to shot this ... a true profrssional attitude towards her job...pls give her a big THANK YOU with true respect..! anna u r no. 1.. cheers!!
Thanks for this one, very entertaining. Anna is so beautiful in that little black dress.
Anna S The Eiffel Tower Shoot
Awesome - it was great to observe what goes on behind the camera but what was really great was seeing that although in her photos Anna S comes across as a bit cold hearted, she is OK. She is shy and natural just like any other woman. Give her a big hug Petter, from me, here in nice WARM Australia! Cheers, Brent Canberra, Australia
This was one crazy video. Anna is a real trooper. Thanks to all of you. Paul Mcg
Poor Anna was suffering a bit there! Very interesting video though, and what a beautiful girl.
I see Ms S was worried about getting caught too!!! Thank you for the behind the scenes peek...both of you!
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Detrás de las cámaras

Esta es tu oportunidad de oro para echar un vistazo exclusivo a lo que realmente pasa 'detrás de las cámaras' durante una sesión fotográfica de Hegre-Art.

¡Acompaña a Anna S y Petter en una sesión que llevaron a cabo temprano por la mañana en la ciudad de París, y verás cómo se esfuerzan tus chicas favoritas para que las fotos salgan perfectas! Podrás ver a Anna temblando de pies a cabeza mientras se desviste en un lugar público, y sentirás la tensión sabiendo que el Equipo Hegre corre el riesgo de ser arrestado por la policía…

Pero al final Anna actuó como una verdadera profesional, y ahora puedes ver a esta espléndida chica posando impecablemente para la galería de fotos de la Torre Eiffel. ¡Anna es tan sexy y sublime que parece que no haya tenido que esforzarse en absoluto!

Una mirada exclusiva de Petter Hegre y una de sus mejores modelos en acción; no te pierdas esta gran película.

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