Annie And Olena O Girlfriends

May 19, 2009
Loving Kisses

Not for those with a weak heart! This all-new Hegre film is an explosively hot private show featuring two of our most uninhibited models – Olena O and Annie.

Prepare to be mesmerised as Olena and Annie enjoy some intimate girl-on-girl time between the sheets. A combination of self-pleasure and pleasuring each other, the girls are unable to hold back and contain their arousal.

What could be better than watching these two beautiful girls together naked and spontaneous? This is one film you really won’t want to miss!

Enjoy each erotically charged second of this ultra-hot new film as Annie and Olena get to know each other more intimately!

  • Runtime: 15:22 Minutes
  • Format:
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Members' Comments

sensuous lovers
I loved the full bare feet of these two lovely women. I would have enjoyed a bit more tongue loving and a little less hand loving. They each seemed very much into each and the hint of active tongue was teasing but not overly satisfying. I felt drawn into their passion but , due to a lack of more explicit oral interaction, I felt somewhat of an outsider - as opposed to a silent viewer.
Simply wonderful: one of your very best films, from the opening shots of those delicious bums with their pretty little assholes, to the moment when each first lays a hand on the other's body. The oral sex is wonderful - more of it, please, between girls who are willing and happy with it; the 69 shots are extremely erotic - the red-heard almost gets her whole face in the other's cunt! There's isn't a dull 30 seconds in the whole fifteen minutes. Now, PLEASE, a similar shot with a boy and a girl!
Excellent - more please.
Excellent video - More please of these two, both masturbating and licking & stroking.
Two beautiful women with hot bodies and pretty pussies - a great movie. The only thing better would be to see more tongue on pussy.
great film..a little more closeup tongue action to climax would have been a bit more exotic
Wow, does it get any beter than this?
Absolutely stunning film. Love to see more like it.
i'd be a lucky man if i ended up with a girl that looks like annie. she is beautiful in every way possible.
like the video and of course the music... ;-)
ces deux filles qui font l'amour son superbes. leurs vulves sont magnifiques. J'adore les lèvres gonflées de annie
Two girls masturbating side by side and looking at each other. WOW! are you kidding me??? It doesn't get much hotter than that. I'd dig seeing a full video of these two reaching orgasm laying side by side, passionately admiring the other woman. Mr Hegre: Brilliant master of "what guys like".
Loving Kisses
WOW! is all I can say.
And the Oscar goes to ...
...Petter Hegre in category for the best film ever made. Thanks for this. It's totally flashing.
quite possibly the hottest, most erotic, and sensual film ever on this site! Thanx Petter.
film tres sensuel pas de vulgarite tres beau
Wanna be ur best friend
Petter I wanna be ur best friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Make more vids like this, with 15 minutes of duration...
u have raised the bar of beautiful erotica !
unbelieveably erotic! awesome chemistry between annie and olena! may i suggest a session involving an explosive orgasm between the two ? surely the gloves are off now between annie and olena, and they can go all out with finger penetration, and dare i suggest the introduction of sex toys ? now that would make these ever increasing erotic movies unmissable!
A Classic
Deeply moving sensualism ~ just gets better and better with each viewing.
what about a film with a woman/man couple?
This film...
was for me the most erotic film with tow girls i have ever seen. I think you give an big applause after recording this ? Best regards an many thank to you Stefan
Please Tease Me ~ Please
I have developed a salacious taste to see these very naughty creatures indulge in the most wicked and decadent sapphic sex imaginable.
Loving Kisses
That was maybe the hottest movie I've ever seen on here, fantastic! Truly Fantastic!
Exquisite Erection
Desires ardent loving kisses for an eruptive and deeply ecstatic climax ~ Ratbag
This is what I want to see. Two smoking hot girls enjoying eachother. Still a lot left to my imagination. Super movie.
Shagbag and Little Frog
I renewed my membership for another year last week in anticipation of this brilliant film featuring the erotic star performers of Hegre-Art. Exquisitely touching sensuality. Thankyou. Ratbag
best video yet
great video. Get in close and show the action and it will be perfect. Real passion is the best and we want to see more. see it up close.
Annie and Olena O have both turned the heat up around here since they arrived (or re-arrived in Olena's case). Together they are like a dream for me, it doesn't get much better.
I'm speechless - Thanx to all participants ;)
Gorgeous! The only complaint would be that the situation weren't allowed to evolve naturally, but I guess that would be to hot to handle, perhaps? Okay, who am I kidding? I have no real complaints! Two delicious girls in a hotter, more daring movie than ever on Hegre-Art! Really nice! Keep up the good work! Thank you Annie! Thank you Olena! Thank you all for a great movie!
two beautiful women,one fantastic movie.
Petter, this is your absolutely best best ever ever (so far). I am still so stunned I will wait and put a comment later.
Christ! I barely lasted halfway through that one! Excellent!
Petter, I think this has to be your best yet. These two beautiful girls go very well together. Well done. Paul Mcg
Thankyou, all you Darlings at Hegre-Art for a beautiful erotic masterpiece. Sublime in every conceivable way, especially the direction in achieving such a remarkable balance on the very edge of eroticism. Perfect. Ratbag
What a day
Last night my membership expired. I joined again yesterday just so I would not miss this excellent film with two of my favorites. Thanks to everyone concerned with the making of this excellent film.
Dear God you are spoiling us today Petter with Mexico and now THIS!!! I am going to explode!!! Totally awesome stuff. What a day this is turning out for me so far!!!!!!