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アンアSベッドストーリ... | Jun 02, 2009

プレータイム: 15:55分

What's the name of the songs in the playlist? Ummm.... she's HOT!!!
Anna S bed story
If anybody did not think that Anna is the sexiest girl on the planet, then this masterpiece of eroticism will surely disabuse them.
To Dave A.
Well said, Dave! Greetings from No.1 fan in Europe! And Anna: Of course you are the best!
Anna's the best !
When I was first introduced to this site, Alya, Naomi, and Jana was what made me become a member. Shortly thereafter, Anna came on the scene, and is the reason I've stayed with the site. She is by far the best model on this site, and this film is her best work to date. I have all your films and most of your photo sets, and I thank you for being open to Petter's ideas, as he captures what is most essential about you - your beautiful eyes and spectacular body! I look forward to whatever comes our way, whether it be film or photo sets. Your # 1 fan in America, Mr Sunshine.
Gotta love these "day in the life" type videos! Makes you feel like you actually KNOW the girl!
I loved the opening sequence, Anna in her casual clothes and seeing her body wrapped in them was wonderful to see. She has an incredable body and it was great to see it all covered up. Her behind in those jeans was a joy to see. I loved the appartment and I'd love to see more films like this, form the other ladies. Great job.
I enjoyed every second of this masterpiece. You are getting very good at this Mr. Hegre. The first 2 minutes, with Anna fully dressed and not "posing", are a real treat. Anna's beauty is symphonic perfection, every part in harmony and overwhelming pleasing to the senses. Petter, you capture this beauty so well; I thank you again and I thank the divine Anna S for this work.
Stylish Anna
I love her style, simple stylish fashion on a beautiful slim girl, very appealing. The beautiful black coat and skinny ribbed jersey, slim jeans and black boots. So sophisticated. I really appreciated the opening sequence on the bleak city streets and the introduction to her lovely apartment with my kind of art on the walls. Quite remarkable that we appear to have similar tastes. However after a very promising beginning it floudered somewhat until the last 4 or 5 minutes when the most incredibly beautiful sensualism turned the film into a Masterpiece of Eroticism. Result ~ very atmospheric beginning with gorgeously aesthetic denouement. Fantastique.
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