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Olena O Orgasmus | Jun 16, 2009

Spieldauer: 8:25 Minuten

Olena O
Olena O has a great naked body, especially her pussy and most perfect anus. More of this young lady please.
Olena has a body that would make Greek Gods envious!
Wat ongelooflijk geil is die vrouw.
Great Ass
Very nice video with some great shots of her lovely ass and asshole.
What a very beautiful and sexy young lady - every bit of her perfectly shaped, including that very elegant cunt; I'm not keen on those cunts with innumerable folds like mountain ranges! My only criticism is that it's sad that the hand giving her such pleasure wasn't a guy's - that's what makes 'The Naked Masseur' so good. Without asking for porn, in addition to the occasional two girls couldn't we have a few guys in these short films?
Olena O orgasm
I am certain of one thing, this lovely girl need never be alone in this situation. ANY VOLUNTEERS?
Olena has a gorgeous body. The shape of her body Is truly wonderful. I enjoyed her video from start to finish. I bet that when she really gets going In private, the windows shake!. By the sounds of her moans I thought that she was going to squirt. Please have her do more soon.
I agree that this is a great video, I would just like to see Anna S with her too.
This is just spectacular!
olena o has raised the bar of erotica !
olena is an absolute godess of sexual provocation. and her body is absolutely stunning. can i suggest a steamy session of wonton lust between her, gabriela, and marlene? each in turn giving the other an explosive orgasm any way they know how. with finger pentration, tongues, and dare i suggest, the introduction of sex toys ? hint hint. now that would have every mate of mine wanting to join hegre-art within a second, once i show them what olena o, gabriela and marlene are up to now!
Fantastic...more, more, more.
Mouthwateringly Exquisite
I would love to sprinkle her pretty little rosebud with my pollen.
Olena Oh my God!
Marvellous, delicious, mouthwatering, creating pure lust. Dreamed about her finger-tips beeing my tongue... Please give us more such films, maybei with your lovely Luba in the main role...?
Perfect body
I didn't realize just how perfectly shaped Olena O's body really is until I saw this stunning film. Her succulent breasts and sexy abs really turn me on. It would be even better to have her with another model (Anna S?) rubbing their genitals against each other until orgasm. I think they call that tribbing...
I don't have comments for this movie .. it just blow my mind away from this world !!!! so delicious
Olena and her tawny lithe body. what a delight to watch her stroke herself.......
oohh My God !!
Oh Olene i'm in love with you :) hegre is getting more and more horny, that's what i like...
Olena O orgasm
What a privilege to see Olena caring for her beautiful pussy! I worship and adore her. Be sure to watch "Olena O touching" also, then "Olena O Intimate Interview." She is so sweet. I would love to be inside her.
Crazy about the Girl
Besotted ~ smitten. The look in her beautiful eyes at the end of the film melts my heart. Yes I am crazy about her too, always have been. In fact I became really obsessed, my membership lapsed, I missed her, came back several weeks later and once more she haunts my tortured soul and occupies my thoughts. And it is quite normal for me to exist in a state of erotic reverie for several days after a gallery or film. Her delicious sensuality and seductiveness has an intense effect on my libido and I experience long periods of very pleasant tumescense. Yes her exquisite anus makes me crazy too. Love you Shagbag ~ Ratbag
Delicious. Olena's lithe, tanned body on those crisp, white sheets... just beautiful. Her anus makes me crazy.
Shagbag Deliciously Sexy
I enjoyed the exquisite eroticism and her beautiful performance ~ and she appeared to be aroused at the start of the film. Orgasm? No ~ just a very convincing but beautiful performance. Love you ~ Ratbag
Olena's O
I like a lot.
Petter, I think this is Olena at her best and the same goes for you. Nice, very very nice. Thanks so much. Paul Mcg 8 years you finally got around to making a full-blown masturbation video. I'm impressed.
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Intime Augenblicke

Die exhibitionistische Olena O gibt sich selten zurückhaltend – auch nicht in diesem neuen Knaller für

Ungezwungen und ohne Scham mit ihrem eigenen heißen, nackten Körper beschäftigt, gibt sich Olena O hier ganz ihren erotischen Fantasien hin. Und Sie dürfen in der ersten Reihe dabei sein und können hautnah miterleben, wie sie sich selbst befriedigt, indem sie angetörnt mit ihren harten Brustwarzen und ihrer feuchten Muschi spielt!

Wenn Sie diesen Film gesehen haben, werden Sie Olena von ihrer intimsten Seite kennen!

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