Marlene Bath

June 23, 2009
Wet Pleasures

It's time to take some time out and relax with the gorgeous Marlene…

So climb into the bathtub with this petite French girl and enjoy some very special and sensual relaxation. Marlene has never been one to be shy and she allows you share in her pleasure as she lets the bath's running water stimulate her plump pussy lips.

Caressing her entire body and lost in some erotic fantasy we may not be able to read Marlene's thoughts but we can make a guess that she has something very sexy in mind!

Bath time has never been so much fun!

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Members' Comments

Marlene Bath
Such a sexy sequence. Compulsory viewing
Nice video, but I don't understand why it is no 1. I found AnnaS Shaving a lot better and more erotic.
What marlene lacks In the breasts department she makes up In the shaved kitty. She looks like she was having a ball with the running water on her snatch. I'll bet that when someone says bath time to marlene, she get a sexy smile on her face. I gave her video a 10, because of her fun time In the bathtub. Thank you for a wonderful video.
well,it was rather hypnotizing, IMHO
The sweet mystery of Life
What sequence of natural selection and pure chance introduced the pleasure of sex as the method for reproduction.
Pearl of Pleasure
I agree "luv_yanna" with the last part of your comment, there is a transient vulnerability about her which I find very touching. Yes fantastic. I enjoyed it more this time and the very brief glimpse of her exquisite pearl was so sensuous and arousing.
That was very good... but, I hope that you read Laurie's comment Petter, I think he has some good points. Both you and Marlene have done much better that this, you have set the bar very high for yourselves. That said, Marlene is, as always, just incredible. My favorite moment is right after she "cums". She smiles so sweetly, snaps her knees shut and then there's a close up on her face. That bit is fantastic.
Marlene is so nice and she is so beautiful in the tub. Would have liked to have done her back. Maybe in Part 2, who knows. Thanks again to you all. Paul Mcg
Little Frog
I had been looking forward to this film especially since my senses were teased by the excellent galleries featuring Anna motorbike, Ama and Orsi. Much else in between and since has been average and uninspiring. Therefore imagine my disappointment, this film should have sizzled with sensuallity. But it was contrived and Marlene was constantly distracted when the voyeur just wanted to be seduced by her smouldering naughty expressions. I think the bath cramped her style, she needed the bigger canvas as in Marlene Magic which was fantastic and very erotic. She was in control, very focused and engaged intimately with her audience without distraction. Love you, Rosbif.